Chris Brown, J. Cole Visit ’106 & Park’

Chris Brown

Chris Brown is back in the spotlight following the release of his third solo album Graffiti, heavy on the promo grind for his new movie Takers. The “Deuces” singer joined co-star Idris Elba yesterday on BET’s “106 & Park” to discuss the film, rocking a form-fitting red plaid cardigan over a white tee, cutoff jean shorts and beige kicks. And while the entertainer also discussed his music career, Roc Nation recording artist J. Cole was on hand to perform “Who Dat,” the first single off his upcoming major label debut.

Brown spoke with Terrence and Rocsi, discussing the recent success of his new single “Deuces.” “It’s unbelievable,” he said of the song, which currently sits at number five on the Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart. He also revealed that he had just come from his record label to show the video for “Matrix,” which will be released soon.

He also discussed working with Tyga on their recent joint release mixtape, Fan of a Fan, sharing its origins. “I’ve always been a fan of Young Money,” he said, shouting out, “Free Weezy.” “I met him in L.A. a couple of times, and we always hung out and I had the ‘In My Zone’ mixtape out, so he was like ‘Yo, it’s hot, let’s do our own.’”

The 21-year-old also cleared up any confusion about the rumors of a tour with Usher, discussing that he hasn’t ruled it out for the future – but it isn’t in the cards for right now. “At first we was talking about it, but I think maybe it’s something in the future,” he said. “But right now, I’m gonna do the whole Chris Breezy thing.”

And while critics suspected that Brown faked tears during his BET Awards Michael Jackson tribute, Brown insisted that they were genuine. “A lot of people don’t know I was going to see Michael Jackson the day he died. When I heard ‘Man in the Mirror,’ the words started speaking to me in my personal life.”

“It wasn’t fake,” he said before rocking out to Cali Swag District’s “Dougie.” “Everything was genuine. I think that was my ultimate apology, hands down.”

Idris Elba and Chris Brown Terrence J, Idris Elba, Chris Brown, and Rocsi Diaz J. Cole and Idris Elba

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  1. aissy

    ewww chris dnt touch tht thing! lol


  2. WhatTheF

    Crybaby. His eyes kept getting watery. And he was on his bummy swag. A sweater with shorts?



  3. CB Lawste like Gnauze

    Breezy lawst again with that outfit.


  4. melanie

    not hatin but seriously what does he have on…my boo idris is lookin SEEEEEXYYYYY


  5. SandeePB

    Chris Brown is amazing… I truly wish him continued success :) He really deserves it :) I enjoy his unique style and charisma.


  6. ...

    I think some people are born just to hate, @WhatTheF, you are one of the biggest haters that constantly hates, and is always one of the first ones, do you not have a life? He was not about to cry, and he looked damn good! If anybody is a crybaby, its you, your sorry ass cries everytime Rap Up posts something about Chris, you are the first to cry. You can tell when a person has nothing but negativity going on in their lives, because only negative bull-shit comes out. Instead of always hating on Chris all the time, get a purpose in life cause I’m sure hating all damn day is not paying the bills.


  7. WOW

    Is it a trend to where clothes 2 sizes too small nowadays????


  8. theresa_keys

    Chris Brown ♥


  9. Lisa

    Chris Breezy is lookin’ like Christina Breezy.


  10. Ankka

    WTF! is that Flop Brown’s Woman Beater “ensemble” ??
    the other woman beaters are waiting for a clothing line…


  11. damn!

    tf is he wearing?? lmao


  12. MB92

    what on earth does rocsi have on, and i dont like thoughs shorts on chris, but i would rock them shoes


  13. Taybee(Ranoey)

    wooooo uni-brow cole! xD


  14. let's be real

    Ankka go find a God.If you don’t understand forgiveness then you must not have won. I recommend Jesus.


  15. Yas

    WHO DAT?


  16. dr

    chris oh noo he looks gay with those shorts i hate those.


  17. QUON



  18. Stud B

    Let Chris do his thing and stop hating on the man atleast he rich.. So he can dress however and I don’t think his tears were fake, hell people change. Grow up people that could be u getting hated on.


  19. arie

    Chris has a unique sense of style, its different, he doesn’t try to be like everyone else, he wants to be different. I loved what he had on, and he looked good in it. I would love to see what @Ankka and the rest of you haters are wearing right now. Yall are probably the main ones that need a fashion tip along with a clue. @let’s be real, agree with your comment.


  20. Game

    God damn… I respect CB and his music is kinda cool, but… This swag is gay. He was on some super gay shit right here. What the fuck, man ?


  21. A-Sta

    Lmao…chris I luv u to death buh ur dress ccode>>I’m not feeling…#TEAMBREEZY… me rocsi!!


  22. Toolondeck

    dayuuuum Rocsi can get it!


  23. Jay



  24. Earnestine Hardy

    Shut the F**k up all you haters, about my boo his a** look better then any thing out there no matter what he’s wearing i love your style boo, with his fine ass so good looking, and talented and the b***h that don’t see it is propably a lesbian anyway!!!! I can’t wait until friday to see my boo, you don’t change a thing about yourself or what you’re doing bump what those none educated fool’s say!!!


  25. sage

    It’s called fashion. Style… Daring. different. Maybe you haters should travel abroad and broaden your horizon before you go judging. Lame ass stay at home criticizers.


  26. kinky

    yea cuz when u wear a sweater/jacket with shorts its fashion…uh huh


  27. nyamal

    chris brown ilove you so much,i really want to ess chris brown bout am in Australia, is not good am not gon ess him how sad


  28. chrbreezyfan

    Love you Breezy – you are the BEST!!!


  29. someone

    This is 2010, fashion is changing every year, you haters need to get out more, Chris has a style like no other. He is very creative when it comes to fashion, he looks good in everything he wears. You haters need to get with the times. I guess this is what happens when you sit in the house all damn day, you don’t know anything.


  30. 2XCL

    Chris brown = outfit FAIL!


  31. bettyboopbbw69

    Everytime Chris Brown comes to BET, Rosci ends up wearing some tight hoochie, or over the top bullish.
    She want CJ…

    She ain’t slick


  32. Put them stank matted wigs back on

    Chris is brining back that old Virginia country swag out with them cut off shorts lmao, he still can get it tho.


  33. WENDI



  34. A Realist

    Ewww those clothes. Chile___!!! I’m not here for that. Its Horrible Fashion Week at 106 and Park.


  35. so stupid

    Ok, doesn’t Idris have sort of the same look as Chris? Why aren’t you haters commenting on that? None of you people are fashion designers, so you don’t have any room to speak on what Chris is wearing. He looked very nice, you haters are just bored, do us all a favor, get a life please.


  36. manny man

    Nothing wrong with my boy’s look, @ so stupid, I agree, Idris looks to me like he has the same look also. You haters find some of the stupidest things to hate on. Cb has a swag of his own, and it’s working. I think alot of yall are just jealous of dude cause yall walk around in the same old rags all the time. Get a fashion clue and get off dude’s dick, you would think by now, yall would be tired of riding it.


  37. Stephanie

    does it matter what hes wearing??? hes still fine as hell even if he was in rags he’d be fine so it really doesnt even matter… and rocsi luks cute so u girls need 2 stop hatin… TEAMBREEZY ALL DAY EVERYDAY!!!


  38. char char

    Chris is the best.his style is unique too


  39. brenda

    Here is the point, cb’s outfit maybe quite similar to idris’s, but cb looks more softy softy compared to idris who is hardcore, ‘my opinion’.


  40. beeweeiop718

    who cares wat he is wearing..all i care about is wats underneath ..hey chris lookinnn sexy as always!!


  41. Breezy

    J Cole wearing shit clothes

    Breezy > Cole


  42. shut up

    @ brenda, your comment is as stupid as it sounds! Idris outfit maybe similar, but CB’s looks more softy. If they are similar, then Idris’s looks softy also. You haters love to hate and make stupid remarks, but do you actually read over your comments, cause if you did, you would see how ignorant you sound. The point is, alot of you don’t know what fashion is, an excuse to hate, i would like to see some of the shit you and the rest of the haters are wearing, then we can say who looks softy. The only thing you said that made any sense is, Idris is handsome.


  43. shut up

    My bad, hardcore, he is handsome though!


  44. Lisa

    CB looks so gay! And you delusional fans need to shut the eff up, becuz you all know nothing about fashion. He ain’t no Abercrombie model, he looks a mess and ain’t cute. Now Idris is sexy! Breezy ain’t comin’ close to anybody in the looks department except Kermit the Frog.


  45. brenda

    Chris Brown = softy softy

    Idris Alba = hardcore

    take that losers ‘shrugs’


  46. shel

    Sounds like we have some bus down females that are not secure with their looks at all. And how does clothes make a person look gay? @ Lisa, you must speak from experience. Chris Brown looks damn good in everything he puts on. You ain’t no model or fashion designer, I think when you and @ brenda looks in the mirror, you are not happy with what you see. If yall know so much about fashion, why are you here hating on CB, you’d think yall would be somewhere designing clothes for the stars, instead, you sitting at home hiding behind your computers wishing you had a life and hoping for a miracle


  47. dude

    How does wearing certain clothes make you look gay? I guess Idris looks gay also. Do you speak from experience about any type of fashion making you look gay. That is such an ignorant remark. Not only is the remark heartless and cruel, but its also stupid. I don’t understand what’s soft about his look and hardcore about Idris, and the look is so similar? @ shut up, I agree with alot of what you said, who decides whats fashion and whats not, some of you people act like you all are experts. All this ridiculous hate for one man is useless and so ridiculous, and to this day, I don’t understand what you all are gaining from it, nothing. If we put this much energy into our own lives, this world would probably be alot better.


  48. youamuseme

    #dead @ softy softy and hardcore
    tf does that mean?
    I don’t care what the hell Chris is wearing at the end of the day, I’m supporting him. That’s what you wanted to wear then do you booboo.


  49. Lisa

    Girl, boom! You wish I was ugly. Stay sitting behind your computer lookin’ like a hoodrat while I’m in the office lookin’ fly. I’m sure I look better than you could ever look, you’re probably a bust down. I think Chris Brown is ugly and looks like Kermit, is that a crime? I just prefer someone like Idris, Nelly, Omarion, etc. Ki.


  50. shel

    Yea, you ugly, when you look in the mirror, you see a hoodrat. Stop lying, you probably don’t work at all and the computer I’m sitting behind you can best believe it’s mines, you are probably at the neighbor’s house using their computer. Busdown, I don’t think so, a beautiful educated sister who is on her way to bigger and better things. Cb does not look like Kermit, deep down you know you do.


  51. nakiia

    look at my babe lookinqq like a snack..n omgg whyy is ya hating like get off his back dam..dont get mad cuz he can pull off a style like dat n ya cant


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