Rap-Up TV: Lloyd Captivated by Keri Hilson, Remains Cool with Chris Brown

Dr. Dre is not the only star Lloyd has been rubbing shoulders with as of late. The R&B crooner has also been sharing studio sessions with his new Zone 4 labelmate Keri Hilson, who’s given him feedback on his upcoming album King of Hearts. In return, he’s had a chance to hear some new music from her sophomore set No Boys Allowed and was blown away.

“Keri is, in my opinion, [one of] the most beautiful, incredible, just breathtaking entertainers of my generation,” Lloyd tells Rap-Up TV. “Being in the room with Keri is something that every man should have the chance to experience.”

The “Lay It Down” singer also clears the air surrounding his misconstrued comments about Chris Brown’s tribute to Michael Jackson at the BET Awards. “I don’t think that what I said was wrong,” says Lloyd, who remains friends with Chris. “The fact that we understand what it was is what’s important.”

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  1. Hate is Love

    Like i said before KERI IS COMMIN FOR THERE NECKS. These haters are gonna go mad once that album drops. U heard it here first lloyd gave the cosign.


  2. No Competition

    Keri Hilson > The Rest


  3. Yan

    Keri Hilson > The Rest [2]


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