Remembering Aaliyah: 9 Years Later


It’s been nine years since the world lost its angel, Aaliyah Dana Haughton. Though her life ended too soon, the promising young starlet left behind music to remind us of how special she was not just as a musician, but as a cultural figure. Her smooth, seductive voice, complemented by Timbaland’s sexiest beats, graced timeless tracks like “If Your Girl Only Knew,” “We Need a Resolution” and “More Than a Woman,” among many others. Aaliyah wasn’t just one in a million – she was one of a kind. R.I.P. Baby Girl.

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  1. The Prophet Blog

    My Queen <3


  2. drtash

    wow, i never realised how huge fans Rap-up are of Aaliyah, cause you did this for her bday as well. Not complaining though. rip aaliyah.


  3. king

    love u aaliyah u is still the best to me


  4. Tai

    Gone but never forgotten… Ur CD’s always played in full force… R.I.P Babygirl Aaliyah


  5. Omon Imo

    Such a Beautiful Soul lost so young. RIP Aaliyah. You are Gone but never Forgotten….


  6. don't know

    r.i.p aaliyah best singer ever sad that your gone


  7. and

    r.i.p baby girl


  8. devahn

    baby gurl u will always be missed, One of my favorite songs from u is try again, that song never get’s played out, i still can’t believe your gone but at least we know that your in a better place now……….

    forever Aaliyah


  9. yungncharge

    rest in peace babygirl miss you so much, you are truly one in a millio. 9 years and nothing feels the same, wish you were still here, Aaliyah is the best we love you, Heavens Angel


  10. Kalen

    I remember where I was when I first heard the news 9 years. ago. I think of you every time the sun is shining and it is a beautiful day. Thank you for providing the guidance I needed in my life. RIP Aaliyah.


  11. luvin u

    she was so special, she was different, she wasnt this power house singer who seemed to yell throughout her songs like many divas and legends…her voice was soft and smooth, yet not weak… til this day i play “if your girl only knew”

    Rip aaliyah


  12. Kyle

    Wow, time sure does fly. I remember EXACTLY where I was when I found out she had died. To this day, her third self-titled album remains my favorite album of all time. It is just so refreshing and timeless. R.I.P. Aaliyah. Wonder what they are going to do for her 10 year anniversary?


  13. u knoe

    u know whats interesting…aaliyah was nominated for best r&b vocal performance female for “rock the boat” but lost to mjb if im not mistaken, not saying the academy she of let her win because of her death, but the song and the video was timeless and imo much better than the song mjb did

    love u aaliyah


  14. Jay

    I loved Aaliyah and still do. I grew up listening to her music and loved her style. As a young woman she made me feel comfortable wearing sweats, and rocking whatever style you liked and still feeling sexy. I was so sad to hear that she passed away! I miss what she brought to the music industry, and if she was around who knows what she could’ve accomplished!?



  15. Leonie

    So happy you posted an Aaliyah article, she truly deserves everyone’s thoughts today.

    I love Aaliyah and I really do feel she has made a huge impact on music today, she was such a talented, humble and beautiful person.

    I truly miss her. Rest in peace Babygirl xxx


  16. Shaytan

    Music has never been the same… The hardest part was that your life was at its highest point. You music, acting, beauty was at its finest.

    Aaliyah with your death came the rise of the music (Lack there of) we hear today. With your death came the fall of an empire. Missy Timbaland Ginuwine Nicole Ray Magoo. The entire empire crumbled with your departure.

    Your music & style lives on giving life to Beyonce Ciara Keri and so many others… You are truly missed


  17. Lisa

    RIP baby girl, all her CD’s are amazing and have managed to age well unlike some of these artists that only make music for the moment. I remember doing the moves to “Try Again” and becoming a huge fan when she released “We Need A Resolution.” These R&B girls today can learn a lot from her.


  18. Carla

    Aaliyah is forever in my heart. What bothers me is that she was at a pivitol stage in her career, she was huge, but was about to reap all the benefits, and have people at her feet. I wanted to her to be here to reap her rewards, but she already recognised her achievements, and she knew what was to come. That is what sets her apart; Baby girl was grateful for everything…even the little things.


  19. youamuseme

    Aaliyah will always be my favorite singer. I remember doing the moves to Try Again, Hot like Fire, 4 page letter, More than a woman and We need a resolution. To this day, I still play her music and will never forget about her. She was a beauty human being and very talented unlike some entertainer today. It seems like the good ones always die: Luther Vandross, Aaliyah, Michael Jackson, Left Eye, ODB and many more. Love ya.


  20. Jason Reaves

    Rock the boat…classic Aaliyah at her best! Definitly 1 in a million. 9 years later, still missing u. R.I.P.


  21. JJBEE

    eb will live forever my heart I could never forget /·\ TE QUIERO Babygirl


  22. keY

    u brok million teenage hearts that day,including me……..still a fan, for life…………miss u


  23. WhatTheF

    Matthew Knowles caused the plane crash. He wanted Beyonce to be on top so he tried to get rid of her. But he still failed. Rihanna’s on top!

    #RIPAaliyah I love you girl!


  24. love808

    We love and miss you Aaliyah!!!!


  25. Lisa

    Aaliyah is also Yahoo!’s #1 Most Searched!!!


  26. LEWIS92

    Miss U Baby Girl!


  27. reddd

    she will never be replaced. always her #1 fan til the day i die. shes inspired more then music in me, shes inspired me to live and not just exist. i love her til i die. rip baby girl.


  28. Jeffery J-Boe

    Aaliyah Was, and Still One Of The Best, and Greatest R&B Artist To Ever Do It, Not Only Was She A Good Singer, Dancer, Performer, and Actress, But She Was Also A Great Human Being, and She Will Dearly Miss… I Will Always Love, & Miss Aaliyah… R.I.P. Baby Girl.


  29. LuvBabyGirl



  30. Mike

    R.I.P. Aaliyah, you are missed terribly!


  31. Jarvis

    i love ya…even today, yo reign won’t let up



    RIP ! ! ! !


  33. Yash

    Listening to her music for the first time, but I can see why she’s so loved even after these 9 years. I wish I could have heard her before, or that she was still here so that I could get to know her more!


  34. Benj

    Aaliyah you got us understand how music and life is really about. We love your “More Than a Woman” (I could even hear it when I was in China doing shopping) and all those beautiful melody. R.I.P everything about this angel you’re is just so pure and timeless.


  35. Will

    Yesterday i felt the exact same way i did the day i heard she had passed completely depressed and sad that she is no longer here with us. Even though i never got to meet her i was so inspired by her humbleness and music. Aaliyah was one of a kind what music artists inspire to be. Im just so glad that God gave us the rare gift of a human being that unfortunately had to be taken back early but it was her time. May you rest in peace Aaliyah.


  36. king

    WhatTheF yep yuh know u dis rihanna runing beyonce off the top stop


  37. Mikhael

    Aaliyah Haughton is The Web’s Most Wanted Aaliyah!
    (Check your score for your name too.)
    More raw data is here.
    Baby Names Alert.


  38. Muna Ali

    We Love you and miss you BabyGirl Aaliyah your Muisc touched many people in many different ways there will never I Mean Never be another person /singer like you I Remember when I was youngg bumping one in a million and can I Come over I can’t belive that we lost our Babygirl they way u smile and your engery was beautiful we miss you so Much. Till this day I still Bump every one of your amzing songs
    No Matter how good beyonce ,keir Hilson or Ashanit is Nobody can’t Compare to how good you were
    RIP Our BabyGirl Princness Aaliyah Haughton
    Love you


  39. aimee

    rip aaliyah miss u always xxx :’(
    if i ever have a baby girl im gonna
    name her aaliyah after you <3


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