Video: Usher f/ Pitbull – ‘DJ Got Us Fallin’ in Love’


Usher hits the club with Pitbull for the Hiro Murai-directed video for “DJ Got Us Fallin’ in Love,” the first single off his recently released EP Versus. Mr. Raymond gets the bodies rocking as he makes his way through the establishment, dancing as clubbers freeze around him. And what would a dance-oriented video be without a dance-off at the end? Stick around until then and you’ll get the payoff.

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  1. major



  2. Andrey Of Brazil



  3. MB



  4. Nicole

    different song some video seen it before Usher


  5. freshie

    yea man


  6. A Realist

    Zzzz… The song is nice and all, but Usher, please stop doing club scene videos. There are other locations to shoot videos. Think outside the box. Hell, this could have been done at a wedding reception and still made sense. Lmao. Idk. But anywhere other than the club all the time. -_-


  7. This Aint It

    This dude is fallin off with each video smh.


  8. Rawwd

    @ A Realist…he actually says “We’re in the club” in the beginning of the song. So i guess he felt that he had to make the video in the club but this song sucks wherever it takes place.


  9. Usher Supporter

    “This dude is fallin off with each video smh.”

    As long as he is not faaling off in the charts his bank account and his fans are ok


  10. youamuseme

    sound like something jason derulo would come out with #ontothenextone


  11. usherbig fan

    fa*ck u usher the king ever r&b big legand


  12. .

    I agree the videos he’s releasing are watering down his songs but at the same time he don’t need no more obvious club songs urgh.


  13. Jake

    Im not satisfied yet… Im not giving up on usher because he is still young and though he doesnt do it like hes done it, in the past but he is deff trying hard…. He needs to get in the studio and get it poppin like m 80s and twin trey 80s. but heyy … I like the fact that he mad an effort to dance because he hasnt been dancing since the split with tameka…


  14. shaa

    wow. this is nice. :)


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