New Music: Trey Songz – ‘Love Faces’

Trey Songz

What does your love face look like? Lady killer Trey Songz wants to know on “Love Faces,” the latest track off his upcoming fourth album Passion, Pain & Pleasure. The mid-tempo ballad sees Trey sexing down a lady friend as he commands her to follow him down to the bedroom, singing, “Shadows on the wall with the candles burning, messing up the bed while you’re sweating out your perm.” Look out for more steamy stingers on Passion, hitting stores September 14.

Download: Trey Songz – “Love Faces”

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  1. Sergeo Harper

    .you did ya thing on dis one bruh nd muh girl actually did some shit to dis song


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  3. shortyloxx

    OMG i cant wiat till trey songz new cd come out i love that man


  4. Dre

    Trey you did your best on this track i actually like this song and he has more of an old school r&b sound to it i like when you take your time and make songs like this i hope god keeps blessing you in your life and keep the songs like this coming i lovethe club stuff too but this is so much better and trey im a huge kellz fan but when you two make real r&b songs and not the club stuff you two are killing the game the king of r&b and the prince of r&b need to make a song together we need that god bless you trey songz yuup!


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  6. Elijah

    Excellent R&B. Great song Trey Songz. I was just going to ask when does the album release, but it is in the story lol. Well i will definitely cop it- of course after I give what is due to the Lord.


  7. darletta/letta boo boo

    Yae trey dats my babie n i luv all his songs but i love, one love the most tho n if love anit love no more……n if i were 2 ever meet him i realy would not kno wat 2 do i jus might pass out …..lolz dats my baby doe till da end…trey songz all day babie


  8. rhea

    ooo my..i luv trey sooo much…like….*sigh*


  9. mad respect

    damn son u killed it, im def gonna download this album for free when it drop ! holla at ya boy for showing the love nigga NOW ! ! ! ! ! !


  10. youdontneedtoknow

    you still bittin R kelly ish. At least pay him some respect!!! Its your 4th album .. you need to have your OWN lane.


  11. dejanae

    i really like dis song i think this is da best song he eva made


  12. sade

    i luv trey songs and know he will keep doin his thang!


  13. mikki a.k.a queen cortez



  14. Michelle Willis


    You da man for this song. This song is the bomb. I sing this to my husband on the way home from work and he knows what’s up. Thanks for the great song. I can’t wait to see the video. I got a lot of suggestions for the video if you need them. Much love.


  15. lashonda .......

    i like that soing love face that y i like that soing cuz trey songz


  16. dlarry

    trey songz is da man lol i luv yhu trey


  17. Kaitlynn Msperfect Berry

    omg love faces is my song me and my bby did sum to this song i love you trey


  18. yenique

    Me and my baby be make love 2 this song


  19. janay

    i love the song love faces it iz so tight


  20. kayla`

    alllll trey songz are good yu can get off wats mine


  21. jasmine yarbrough

    lost my virqinity to this! sonq love ffaces : )!


  22. kevin allen

    i love this song it make me in love


  23. jamya

    He is so sexy and find


  24. shronda

    whats up i love you and your music trey songz


  25. kla

    hey i love yo song


  26. keekee

    trey songz you are sexy


  27. jasmine king

    im really in love with your find ass treyz you is my babyyyyyy…txt me back.


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