Chris Brown’s ‘Deuces’ Hits Top of Chart

Chris Brown

Chris Breezy is back on top like he never left. The 21-year-old’s latest single “Deuces” has hit the top of the Billboard Mainstream R&B/Hip-Hop chart, soaring from No. 7 to 1 in a single week. This marks the first time that a single has made such a large jump to the top spot on this chart since Destiny’s Child accomplished the same feat back in 1999 with their smash “Bills, Bills, Bills.”

Not only did Brown tie DC’s accomplishment, but he also becomes the first artist to have a single reach No. 1 and also be the greatest gainer in the same week. The breakup track serves as the standout cut from Brown’s recent collabo mixtape with Tyga, Fan of a Fan, intended to give back to all the supporters for holding him down through the good and the bad.

Brown, who stars in the newly-released action movie Takers, is prepping the release of his cinematic “Matrix” video. The clip is expected to debut in September.

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  1. Crying Like a B

    Liar, liar it is #2 R&B. It is not 100 that’s what matters..Rihanna 7#1


  2. Urban_Prince

    uh huh…. I knew he had it in him. Just had to give him a lil chance to get his mind right. #TeamBreezy


  3. Ankka

    the MJ impersonator/Woman Beater should just do a duet with Tila Tequila and Brooke Hogan! maybe that will save him from being a D list “singer” and a FLOP!
    his delusional 100 fans that he has left are the only ones listening to his trash music!


  4. Nait Phoenix

    Is this for next week or something because I just looked it up and it says he’s only at number 2. But, still that’s a feat. It’s really awesome that a mixtape song makes it this far in the first place. Breezy’s breezing back.


  5. WAP

    It’s really funny how the hater post first, congrats to chris brown, very good for someones career thats suppose to be over


  6. Jay

    Chris Brown’s song is #1 on the mainstream R&B Charts and #2 on the R&B Charts.

    Rap-up is not lying, its #1 on R&B radio but not ont he Billboard Charts, however its #2 and on its way to #1.


  7. bro

    read the post. its #1 on the MAINSTREAM R&B/HIP-HOP chart. its correct.


  8. king

    rihanna need to go bak with him


  9. king

    rihanna new album November 2 go buy that album


  10. mila

    ankka voce precisas de conhecer deus ,tens tanto odio no coraçao eu acho que voce não és uma pessoa feliz ,para de querer o mal dos outros . o fetiço vira contra o feticeiro . deixa o chris em paz deus ta com ele ninguem vai lhe parar disso podes ter certeza diabo .Ninguem consegue contrariar a vontade deus . Deus é grande ankka .


  11. JhuntdaProdigy

    Yeah, I’m glad for Chris. But in all reality, Kiss Kiss went to #1 on the Billboard HOT 100, Forever & With You went to #2, No Air went to #3, he can’t seem to make a crossover hit like he used to could. I’m still hoping he can make a full-on comeback


  12. rite2myopinion

    You can not stop talent, whatever blessings are there for Chris ignorant people can not hold him back. Get a life and leave these young people alone and allow them to move on without this ignorance. People who live in the past have no life as they are afraid of the future. The worst thing in the world is for an ignorant person to be allow the use of a computer and the internet.


  13. naomi

    good job… i think the buzz over “takers” and his appearance on 106 and park gave it such a boost…im still against what he did (no matter if it was a decade ago or two seconds) but im slowly getting back into liking him again…


  14. jane

    i happy it #1 but why do ppl act like its not chris and TYGA mixyape this is not just chris’s song DAMN


  15. Dan

    @Jane~ I think it’s because they are ft on it and he get’s top billing, Jive Music is his label and their the ones who release it to itunes and the radio.


  16. Jay

    This song is also #29 on the Hot 100 and #2 on the R&B Charts.

    That is a HIT single. He is back.


  17. RP

    Just keeping doing what you love Chris. don’t stop no matter how impossible it may seem . trust in God. You see , your true fans won’t leave you ever.


  18. cindy

    Ha, Ha, can’t keep a good man down.
    keep the good work up chris, and alway’s remember one thing. God is able.


  19. nina

    chris is greate man ,,,,,,,,,i love you breezy you deserve this


  20. Mz.Drizzy

    good job c breezy and haters plz shut the hell up rihanna its getting old.. k thanks


  21. Stephanie

    go breezy go breezy go… lol im really happy 4 Chris (wish takers was out in the UK now!!! :(


  22. char char

    i knew Breezy will makeit to the top.
    @ Crying Like a B you sound really like Rihana are you sure you are ok?even a number 2 is wonderful but please read well u stream is number 1 and r$b is number 2


  23. Melody

    I will always support Chris. Love you CB. From NYC.


  24. MB92

    @jane i totally agree, this isent just chris brown’s song its tyga’s aswell, but anyways congratz to them both


  25. Chris Brown

    love him soo much
    love deuces as well …


  26. ...

    @ Crying like a B, if anybody is crying, its you! You are crying that you are the first of the haters to post, that lets everyone know, you don’t have a life.


  27. dollars$$$

    @ Ankka, sounds like you are mad because flop and woman beater are the only words you seem to always repeat in your comments. I guess you are fan 101, you took the time to read the article and post a comment, idiot. It takes just as much energy to love someone as well as hate! Why don’t you put some of that energy in finding a life. Way to go CB, Tyga, and Kevin.


  28. WTF

    why does it seem like this song has been out forever. But someone said its a mixtape song and did that good, What the hell is chris doing mixtapes for in the first place. I just dont get why artist who already have mainstream success feel the need to downgrade to mixtapes.

    Chris was a super star, now he is selling mixtapes. What kind of sense does that make to any of you. I don’t care what scandal happened. Sell your music.


  29. TeamCBAfrica1

    @WTF actually he wanted to do Mixtapes for his fans so what he cant make Mixtapes now? Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj did Mixtapes too that doesnt mean they r not Super Star and Chris IS STill a Super Star !

    Cmon Breezy keep doing yo thang #TeamBreezy


  30. Krissy

    chris put out a mixtape cuz if he put out an album it wouldn’t do good…HE NOT DUMB!! my teambrezzy fam its been a long hard fight..chris is back on top..lets celebrate!!!


  31. Monika

    he he is not back ok. i came from europ and he is there nothing and in asia too. I mean hes last album has sold 200 000 that is nothing. He is an looser.


  32. sancie

    loveee chris,and i love his music


  33. Vaishnavi

    awh we love chris brown alrite. he aint no trash!


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