Kanye and Jay-Z to Release Joint Mini-Album?

Jay-Z and Kanye West

Kanye may have failed to deliver on his promise to kick off G.O.O.D. Friday today with the release of a freebie from his musical family, but he shared something even better. The Chi-town native took to his Twitter account to announce the upcoming release of a 5-track album recorded with Jay-Z called Watch the Throne.

“Me and jay bout to drop a 5 song album called ‘Watch the Throne,’” the MC tweeted.

Though it’s currently unknown when the collection of tracks will see the light of day, the pair have recently collaborated on a remix to “POWER,” which could potentially end up counting as one of the five joints that make the final cut.

Kanye is currently working on his currently untitled fifth album. The LP, which was previously called Good Ass Job and Dark Twisted Fantasy, is said to feature production from Pete Rock, Q-Tip, Madlib, DJ Toomp, RZA and Swizz Beatz, who helmed the remix to “POWER.” Additional guest appearances are said to be Pusha T, Rick Ross, Beyoncé, Big Sean, Kid Cudi, Mos Def, and Nicki Minaj.

Kanye West Tweet

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  1. Phoenix_Wright

    Damn Rap-up! U guys are quick as hell lol. I just saw this too. That is some great news if Ye isn’t joking or calls it off. Watch it go platinum in 1 week.

    Surprised yall ain’t get up on that Drake & Nicki marrying thing…but then again they might be fooling around with us.


  2. Oilamgnuté

    Ahahah, nooo impossible, it won’t happen


  3. Mr. Kay-Dee

    yes they did rap-up they just put out a song called moster and said Happy G.O.O.D friday =)


  4. UltraKid

    It won’t happen and if it does then it’s going to be one big fail


  5. poop

    ^ What’s up now?? Monsterrr!!!


  6. jules

    don’t like em’ their illuminati!



    [...] took to his Twitter account to announce the upcoming release of a 5-track album recorded with Jay-Zcalled Watch the [...]

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