New Music: Nicki Minaj f/ – ‘Check It Out’

Nicki Minaj and

Pink Friday came a few months early with the release of some new end-of-week music from Nicki Minaj. Though unclear whether the track will appear on her upcoming debut Pink Friday, Nicki’s “Check It Out” just hit the net, sporting a flipped sample of The Buggles’ “Video Killed the Radio Star.” The upbeat tune will be included on YMHD’s Lime Light Exclusives 3 mixtape, coming soon.

“I don’t want to say too much, but I just did some work with,” Minaj previously said on her collaboration with the BEP frontman. “Just something for my album that I’m really excited about.”

Download: Nicki Minaj f/ – “Check It Out” [Tagged]

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  1. A Realist

    Yessssssss. I LOVES IT!


  2. @nandamedeiros_

    It’s not for Pink Friday!


  3. Stephonne

    First! This s*** is FETCH! Loves it!


  4. Stephonne

    not first… : ( lol


  5. Dizzle

    LOOOVEEEEE it hope its on the album :)


  6. yourlove

    this sounds like a #1….her first!


  7. Jaye

    Love the song, and will def have it stuck in my head all day!!!!!


  8. Kelmalia

    wtf is this mess, nicki you get a #epic fail


  9. Dizzle

    i think this song is funny or maybe im just wierd xD looooool love itttt!!


  10. mike

    hmmm sorry but Nicki as a solo artist is proving nothing, all she do is take samples of hits from the 80′s and the only original song (Massive Attack) was a massive flop and no wonder why!
    i love nicki and i think she got potential to be a real star, but NOT WITH THIS KINDA CRAP YALL CALL MUSIC


  11. Toolondeck

    totally awesome!


  12. ponyo

    lol nicki minaj ….pls i need this to sound like a classic….song has to grow on me though


  13. king

    not her best song buh she need to work with rihanna for a number 1 hit


  14. honeybun

    this is going to have to grow on me…


  15. An0thrNight272

    Hmm… this song is a fun song, its cool – I Like it.

    But it seems like an album filler. Nowadays artists CANNOT have album fillers. Every song has to be a potential hit.


  16. andrew

    Competition? Why yes, I would love some. How the fuck they getting mad ’cause they run done? Mad ’cause I’m getting money in abundance? Man I cant even count all these hundreds Duffle bag every time I go to Sun trust I leave the rest just to collect interust I mean interest Fuck my nemisis Exclamation just to emphasis And I don’t sympathize cause u a simple bitch I just pop up on these hoes that’s some pimple shit And put a iron to ur face u a wrinkle bitch



  17. maxi lopez

    shit’s real bangin…great work nicki!


  18. My Baby

    This Is The Unofficial Version People The Official Version Have Not Been Released Yet…..


  19. Steve

    DAMMNN this is hoott “I just pop upp on these hoes thats some pimple shit” Haha I love this, I think this can get Nicki more Caucasion (sp?) fans. Bcus I think she doesn’t really have THAT many caucasions, lol. But this is hot.


  20. jealous Much

    She’s ONLY good when she’s on other ppl shit…her own shit it WACK!


  21. yes!

    Why do people think having a pop/dance record is gauranteed caucasion fans…that is so racist! Nicki is whack and so is this overrated song produced by the overrated Will I Am!


  22. kani k.

    it sounds like Elastic Love by Christina Aguilera produced by MIA


  23. Nait Phoenix

    “video killed the radio star”? rly? I’m actually surprised no one has sampled this yet, but it sounds kinda awesome.


  24. jane

    i dont think this is on the official song off the abulm just cus nicki just sed she didnt have any features on the abulm and will.i. am is in this song more than her but i like it alot either way


  25. Steve

    @Yes, Umm I didn’t say only caucasion ppl listened to Pop/dance music, but MAJORITY of caucasions do so I was sayin she would probably get more caucasion fans. I have white friends and none of them knew who Usher was till “OMG” so I was sayin this could do the same thing.

    @jealous Much This is her song ?? Will.I.Am is the feature not her.


  26. JhuntdaProdigy

    I was expecting more from Nicki, I hope this isn’t gonna be on her album, and sure as hell hope it’s not her next single.


  27. dayday

    this chick hasnt proved me wrong yet i havent heard one song that she has thats hot she the lil moe of female rap better on other ppl shit


  28. Alejandro

    This is hot. I could hear Fergie on the remix.

    Goooo Nicki


  29. Jrizzel

    Damn…is this Will.I.Am’s song or Nicki’s? The worst thing about him is whatever he produces he has to put himself on!! This must just be his song featuring her


  30. Infamous1



  31. Alejandro

    People like @dayday make the dumbest of comments in the comments section.

    Lil Mo doesnt have hot solo songs?



  32. dayday

    neither do nicki so u gtfoh @alejandro her shit is wack not hot u nicki stans fall for anthing


  33. Fred S.

    She said “I just pop up on these hoes on some pimple shit and put the iron to yo face, you old wrinkled bit&%!!! LOL…she cold for that one!


  34. sagb

    Its Aight…


  35. Lisa

    This is horrible. Is she going to rap or sing? I get that she has crossed over to mainstream and wants to make music for the Top 40 crowd, but this really sucks. I don’t need Usher and Nicki doing this electro crap and of course their worst songs of their career were produced by none other than


  36. Why Ask

    This shit is WACK! I cant even believe people feel this is a hit. So much talent wasted…


  37. SMH

    @lisa she can do both she doesnt have to choose
    “cant rap and sing on the same cd the public wont get it they got add” -nicki minaj

    you most be one of them add ppl she was talking bout LOL


  38. Luke

    Maybe one of the worst songs I’ve ever heard. Sure she can rap, but all her beats are wack as hell, she has no idea where her music’s going.


  39. Thankmelater

    Lil Kim must be laoughing aon how stupid this is!


  40. ADH

    I agree w/what someone else said. She has not proven herself as a solo artist in my opinion. She may just be meant to be a professional collaborator, because this right here is garbage. I was like oooo someone fresh, I don’t want to hear more sampling. This is why Lady Gaga fans want her work with nikki because of this shit right here…This is a thumbs down, but it will probably go to the top of charts because it fits right in with the rest of the crap out..


  41. @MonsterBarb

    And I don’t simpithize cause your a simple bitch
    I just pop up on these hoes on some pimple shit
    And put the iron to your face you old wrinkle bitch


  42. new nicki fan

    its ok nothing special its good for her though cus uknow


  43. new nicki fan

    nicki should have a song advisor


  44. Taybee(Ranoey)

    i dont think this song is gonna be on her album, keep hearing things that it wont.. not sure o.o


  45. Mz.Drizzy

    its ok i guess..good thing its not gonna be on her album though


  46. Enrique

    Honestly, I like this song. I like this song a lot. The beat is pretty sick and I can see this song playing in clubs everywhere. Is this song what you expected? No, probably not. Think about it. Would you really like Nicki to sound the same on every song she records? I bet that the more you listen to this song, it will grow on you and you will love it just as much as I do.

    Nicki has stated that this is the unofficial version of this song too, so we don’t really know what we are going to expect from Nicki. I just hope all the haters can hold their breath until her debut album comes out.

    I want to let everyone know that Nicki does not need to just rap. She is an entertainer. She can sing if she wants to. She can dance if she wants to, too. This song is just a fun song to listen to, dance to and sing to.

    I’m pretty sure that she wouldn’t release a statement saying that the album will be reminiscent of Lauryn Hill and then release a song like this. She is saving all of her best work for Pink Friday, so please, don’t underestimate her.

    Remember: “Massive Attack” was just an experimental song for her and she wanted to see how well it would do. It will not be on her album, and “Your Love” wasn’t even going to be released because the song wasn’t even finished and it was recorded about TWO YEARS AGO. So again, we haven’t seen Nicki’s true potential. She’s fooling you all right now. She’s like to keep you talking and trust me, she knows what’s she’s doing.

    November 23. Pink Friday. Go and get your copy.


  47. drtash

    ok is it just me or does anyone else think did more in the song than nicki??? It seems like nikki was more like the feature in this song than I think the title should say f/nicki minaj cause she didn’t take the lead in this song imo.


  48. Bri

    I love Nicki but this song sucks.


  49. real rap

    i have a question….WTF happened to…ever since The E.N.D. he has been a terrible producer..OMG and THIS are perfect examples…listen to talib kweli’s “Hot Thing” and Nas’ “Cant Forget About You”…no wait listen to all of Elephunk…that is the i want back…the hip hop not the pop trash……also nicki minaj sucks in this song..i liked massive attack but hated your love and this…wish all of her songs were like her verses in Monster, Bottoms Up, Roger That, and Up All Night


  50. Daire

    Nicki Minaj is the hotest artist at the moment!
    Young Money ar takin over music


  51. Josh

    I don’t like it,sorry. Love u Nicki but this is sucks!


  52. JNash

    Why am i hearing will i am more than nicki. like the fun barbie(ish) sound but will i am needs to be reduced on this track. Otherwise nice song. Nicki’s hottt songs aint gonna leak until there singles. I have faith in Pink Friday, but i think it will be very commercial and not as raw as her mixtapes. Same with drake basically lol


  53. MichelsonTv

    sounds like OMG by Usher ‘¨but its good ….


  54. LOVE

    It’s a good song. I like the way she said “old wrinkled BITCH” she emphasized that line so hard I could feel it.

    But this song seems to be for the “pop crowds’ i won’t say caucasion but most rappers & rnb artist are doing this like Snoop on that song with katy perry and Ludacris with that Taio guy because the billboardsa re kindof pop directed. It’s harder for the song to gain momentum if it doens’t have that pop sound. It’s not fair. The charts need to change.

    ANyway this song sounds like another feature. Like Will I am featuring Nicki minaj and she needs to show more of a solo song to promote her album in my opinion. Maybe she needs a young hungry new producer to work with.


  55. Lisa

    nicki minaj iz a gud rapper & all but i would luv 2 hear her sing more


  56. A Realist

    She’s kinda coming off as the female Flo Rida. lol A lot of sampling, and putting out songs that will blow up in the clubs and on radio, but doesn’t really please the hip hop heads.


  57. y born a hater

    y is so many people on here talking about how she wack….she tryin to make it u aint doin shit but sittin around decusing her success with your failer. dont b a hater all your life. love it or hate it but dont hate on it. true words spoken from a real born to motivate the ignorance!!!


  58. Terrence Strong

    this song is tight


  59. Lee See

    @Enrique- Ditto. Thanks!


  60. Chris Shorts

    nicki tweeted me on twttier because of this song , i fucking love it , da dun dun


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