Video: Diggy Simmons Stars in AT&T Commercial

Diggy Simmons

Diggy Simmons is sitting on top of the world in his new commercial for AT&T mobile broadband entitled “Big Shoes.” Entering the big leagues with his own endorsement, the 15-year-old up-and-comer looks out over the city as the people below bump his mixtape song “Great Expectations” on their handheld devices.

“No one said following in the footsteps of greatness is easy,” AT&T said in a statement. “And if you’re the son and nephew of hip-hop legends, you’ve got enormous shoes to fill. In this spot, Diggy Simmons lets his voice and talent be heard using the nation’s fastest mobile broadband network. Check it out in this new AT&T commercial.”

Spotted at Rap Radar

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  1. yup

    1st! cheaaa!


  2. @jayabelardiza10

    @diggysimmons is a rising star if i was his bro i would be jealous #realtalk


  3. aissy

    luv him


  4. BoyWonder09

    that waz de perfect way to de address the haterz
    feelin that Diggy and Bei Maejor tune


  5. kailen

    is he wearing makeup?


  6. sandra

    luv diggy


  7. shay

    omg:) diggy is so handsome<3


  8. Parks Miller

    Was diggy contemplating suicide?


  9. Satta

    NO he’s NOT wearing makeup ! & NO he’s NOT contemplating suicide ! He’s doing a commercial & hunny his beauty is just natural [: iloveeee him <3


  10. TaCrilla

    sheesh iluvv his songg so much he is adorable


  11. manijia

    you look sexy and keep the good work ok Loooooooooooooooooove you


  12. leah

    man he is doing a really good job with his music and he will be the next micheal jackson but better


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