Kelly Rowland Still Undecided About Album Title

Kelly Rowland

Kelly Rowland dishes with the “Today” show ladies about the 40th anniversary of “Soul Train,” being inspired by the Jackson 5, one of her favorite albums of all time, working with Tricky Stewart and The-Dream, and asking her fans to help name her third album, which is still untitled despite rumors.

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  1. Better work



  2. luv music

    love u mama..get that promo


  3. ...

    she needs to GET. IT. TOGETHER. if you don’t know who you are, you shouldn’t expect other people to give a damn about you. pick a single, an album title, and STICK WITH THEM. either that or wait til you have an idea what the hell you’re doing and then come back and try again.


  4. Melanie

    Love love love her, so classy and well spoken. Can’t wait for the album.


  5. k4kenzo

    ah she needs to juss fly away . im pretty bored with album delays , uncertain album titles . whatevr kelly !!


  6. Mike

    She looks gorgeous! I’m definitely looking forward to that album!


  7. Lebo(CaribbeanBOi)

    amazing lady


  8. Cume

    Beauty and Brains=Grown Woman


  9. Rob

    I love Kelly and think Grown Woman is a good effort but honestly she needs a sure hit that will connect her to people. All this promo won’t do her any good if she is uncertain over her album’s future.


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