Video: R. Kelly – ‘When a Woman Loves’

R. Kelly

R. Kelly steps to the mic in the Motown-esque video for “When a Woman Loves,” the first single from his forthcoming album Love Letter. Kells keeps it simple in the black-and-white clip, leaving the focus on the soulful ballad’s tender lyrics and his ever-changing eyewear. $100 to the first person who can accurately count the number of mics.

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  1. Mileka

    How is he able t keep churning out these albums year after year? I mean, do they sell?
    I don’t like this song at all so I’ll pass on the vid.


  2. beatfreak

    that’s that oldschool r&b right there !
    I like this track & the video fits perfect to the song , that scene with the mics looks great !
    kellz still got that voice –> king of r&b


  3. RaydeeohCity

    why is he wearing lady gaga’s glasses lol


  4. Dre

    Number 1 R. Kelly fan right here and i love this song and kells like i said may god keep blessing you to make music and i dont care if you sell 1 album or a million people will like your songs people will not like your songs thats life but i say keep making your music and you can always count on me to buy every album i love this song and you still are and always will be the “king of r&b” you’ve been in the game a long time you have nothingt o prove anymore just keep that music coming an god bless you thank you kells i lovethe old school video and old feel to the song god bless you.


  5. 250 MG

    This is the R.Kelly I like. Classic video, beautiful song. This deserves to be a #1 hit!!!


  6. philly11

    Shit, he kilt that! R.Kelly Untitled sold 105,000 in the first week with one video and absolutely no promo. Now, I got love for every RnB dude but if classic(no autotune) R.Kelly comes back…IT IS A WRAP!!


  7. philly11

    Damn, watched it again…he is SANGING on this shit!!!


  8. TheOne1

    Love the video! Kellz is the greatest! The “R” in RnB!


  9. kanye

    straight banger !


  10. Diamond Girl

    Grammy all over it!! Say u want about Kelly but this song is a Smash!! Out the Park>>>


  11. Omon Imo

    @ Diamond Girl, i agree with you. This song has Grammy written all over it. In response to Rap-up, there are 40 mics in commemoration of the 40th anniversary of Motown.


  12. S. King

    I love it!!!! pure R&B without the commercialism


  13. jk

    he IS the sheeeitttt! love him!


  14. harvey

    this is so 60′s sound I love the sound…its a banger.


  15. jr



  16. sandy

    love this song it says so much very hot sexy sultry i just melt everytime i listen to it great soulful song great song to dance with your honey with WOW> yu gooo r kelley


  17. southernone

    Awesome,Real music the younger generation will not get it because it is not hip hop,nor cursing,nor butt shaking nor lip singing,it is real music……….. Everything he touches turn to GOLD


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