Ashanti Paints the Town Red


Ashanti was looking red-hot in an elegant gown at the 20th Annual NAACP Theatre Awards at the Directors Guild of America in Los Angeles on Monday (Aug. 30). The singer-turned-actress, who starred on Broadway in “The Wiz,” was presented with the Spirit Award for bringing energy, tenacity, innovation, commitment, talent, and spirit to the theater scene.

She dedicated the award to her late grandfather, tweeting, “I dedicate my award 2 my amazing Grampa who wz president of the Glen Cove branch NAACP for 25 yrs!! RIP Grampa ♥ U!”

Get a closer look at Ashanti’s winning wardrobe below.

Ashanti Ashanti

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  1. king ron

    Stunning, she always looks amazing! Goregeous!


  2. Brina

    Yes she looks beautiful. Congrats on the award:)


  3. Gids

    She looks amazing, and it’s nice to see her out and in the spot light… I can’t wait to hear some material from her new album. It’s taking long enough already. The Snippet of Paradise that she sang on Ustream already got me hot about the album…


  4. Kareem

    My boo always look nice


  5. king

    she cant sing


  6. Phoenix_Wright

    King had to be the negative commenter.

    You ever think that maybe you just don’t like her voice, but she still can sing? I don’t like Mary’s voice that much, but she can still sing. dwell on that.

    And she looks great!!!


  7. drtash

    *jaw drops* WOOOOWWWWW!!!!!She looks STUNNING!!!Not a fan of hers but you have to give it to her. She’s looking amazing.


  8. Shamn

    Ewww she looks fat as hell. Somebody take this bitch to somebodys gym! I hope her ass is not releasing a album!

    Ameriie >>>>>>>>> ashitty


  9. WhatTheF



  10. Dough

    What is Amerie? Ashanti may not be relevant to the game like she was before but she still has a list of hits and she looks fine as hell in these pics.


  11. ralph



  12. Gids

    Agreed @Dough…


  13. theAREUMADshow

    stunning….ashanti keep shittin on theese haters hahah yall mad


  14. superman

    Ashanti I’m so proud of you receiving the worker of the month award I hope nelly puts it on the fridge!


  15. superman

    I know she glad she didn’t work with no mexicans! Cus they really would have gotten this award lmao go ASHITTY! Lmao she had to wear her grammy dress some where! Lol


  16. latoya

    congrats 2 Ashanti!!!u look beautiful


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