Rihanna Gets Waxed, Hints at New Single


Rihanna has been immortalized in wax at Madame Tussauds wax museum in Washington, D.C. The pop star’s uncanny wax likeness appears on display in the nation’s capital alongside wax doubles of President Barack Obama, Madonna, Rosa Parks, Denzel Washington, and others.

In a tweet to Ryan Seacrest, she revealed that new music will be coming soon. The first single from her fifth studio album, due in November, is reportedly titled “Only Girl.” “In less than 10 dayz ima send u sumn special, and ur gonna play it OVER and OVER, like I’m the only girl in the world!” she wrote to Seacrest.

Rihanna is currently in Hawaii shooting her first major film role in Universal Pictures’ Battleship. “HAWAII…Hawaii…hawaii……who wouldn’t want to work here for 2 weeks,” she tweeted.

Rihanna Rihanna

Photo credit: Dave Allocca/Starpix

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  1. Cameraman

    Actually, I’m looking forward to seeing what happens…hope she’s exorcised these demons. What I’m hoping for is a mature but still positive minded set.


  2. king

    rihanna is comin bak for blood


  3. king

    who dont like rihanna suck ass


  4. 250 MG

    I think Rihanna will perform at the VMAs alongside Eminem and also perform her new song.


  5. Tish

    Coming back????….. When did she go??? Ummmm I guess we are gonna 4get the MASSIVE FLOP of Rockstar 101?!?!? Lol


  6. Nicky

    @ TISH

    How many flops has rihanna had in her career?

    How many hits?

    Case closed! ahahahah


  7. king

    fuk u tish and suck ass she is come hard and for that B gaga


  8. king

    rihanna have more hits dan any other female out there


  9. king

    i hope she go to the vma


  10. jay

    yaaaaaaay go riri

    id be more excited for a beyonce single though


  11. rihannito

    rihanna willl slaaay those bitches

    @Tish Rockstar didnt flopped she was top60 in the billboard hot! and top20 on digital hot!! with no promo :) and no radio what about ur fave?? plus who has the most number one singles ?? i guess caca

    Lol 7 #1 singles, 15 top tens, 4 top tens allbums, 18 millions album solds, more than 80 millions records sold,Longest running single of the last decade in the UK, 3 grammy awards,most selling female artist since 2005,best selling digital female GUINESS RECORDS ! :) one name———————— RIHANNA !!!!


  12. constance

    rihanna rocks


  13. WhatTheF

    The Queen! When is Fist Brown gonna get a wax figure?



  14. yourlove

    rihanna is coming back to slay the masses, I have a really good feeling about this.! it’s a empty market too, beyonce gaga madonna britney are all on break, that’s just gonna intensify the slaying.!

    im soooooooo READY.!


  15. Jay



  16. MB92

    That Waxing of her looks creepy =(, but anyways im interested in hearing this new single. IMO i just dont see rihanna putting out better songs than she has done previously. she might get on some good hooks for someone else maybe. but anyways dont mean the throw shade but cant wait to hear this


  17. rhea

    you guys are OVER EXAGGERATING she doesnt have the most hits…so relax she’s tied with BEYONCE..MARIAH CAREY and others…so gt ur facts straight


  18. Eric

    @Rhea, the pretty much have their facts straight, but I don’t think you have your facts straight. .


  19. rihannito

    @Rhea ??? what?? tied with who?? maybe she is tyied with them on the pop songs category !! but rihanna has more n°1 singles that any other female of the last decade ! POINT BLANK:) Sooooo Get ur fact bab


  20. DaThruth

    That Rihanna reign just wont LEt uppp!!!!

    and for the eprsons who r saying that RIhanna is releasing new stuff so soon!! u didnt get what Rated r meant!! it just her story, thething that she’s been through so she wanted now to get over it!! and ComeBack ! that what she is doing Right Now!

    1.Monster album coming
    2.200 millions$$ of budget for her upcoming Movie Battleship, she will be staring it! :)
    3.Wax figure in the capital of the country, that mean she is now famous!! an dwill never been forgotten :)


  21. DaThruth

    never be *


  22. Phoenix_Wright

    no bueno @ that long hair red lol looking #hit


  23. king

    rihanna the most number hit on the hot 100 she have six pop number one hit


  24. king

    she tied for pop song she have more hit dan beyonce


  25. ...

    how is she slaying? rated r sold, what, barely 500K? maybe a little more? she had only one really big single this time around with one doing well only because of downloads and one doing only kind of well. she’s tied with mariah and beyonce on the pop charts, only because the pop 100 is a new billboard thing. if it had been active at the time mariah came out, she’d have at LEAST 10-15.

    in addition, check how many #1s rihanna gets as a featured artist. she’s not able to be a consistent chart force without somebody there co-signing her. jay z, kanye, ne-yo, eminem, etc.


  26. From Tokyo

    I love the red hair, myself.

    And tbh, albums WOULDN’T see AS well as they potentially could anyway due to free downloads. Sometimes I think about how we’ll never know the real numbers (e.g. if people were forced to buy music they wanted to listen to – b/c yes even haters of anyone WANT to listen, if only to complain).


  27. 2XCL

    Well they certainly got that forehead right on the wax figure…


  28. theresa_keys

    .. Its Jst Wax .
    Its Not Like Shes Ther In Person
    ND y Bring Chris to this ..
    U Wont Like Other people talkin Bout u
    And Your Ex When both of you have moved on
    Hate On Chris As Much As U Wanna But
    His Livin His Life And Doin Well..
    And U Just Hatin on him .. Your Just Wastin
    you time ..:)


  29. gerald

    so i wasnt a fan of the hair… but she does look nice with the longer red hair in the last picture


  30. Giamma

    Good girl gone wax!



  31. MB92

    @… I agree with you lol, but as much media exposure rihanna gets she should be selling like 10Mill an album, i mean dang when rated r came out that girl face was everywhere. she sort of played herself out


  32. DaThruth

    sorrry but rated r sold more than 3 millions copies WORLDWIDE and not 500 K :) get ur fact honey! it has more than 10 platinium certifications worldwide,and 2x platinium in the UK with saled over 600K in UK alone!!!and it an uncomercial album!! so shut the hell up! and if she wasnt that famous why r u here posting on her stuff lol :) Haters always staay maaaaddd!!!!!!!
    PS: when ur fave release a dark album and no dancey song! let see hw many copies it will selll!! and let not forget that her previous album GoodGirlGoneBad sold almost 9 million copies world wide so shut up for once!


  33. DaThruth



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