Video: On Set of Nelly’s ‘Just a Dream’


Nelly takes off on set of “Just a Dream,” one of the lead singles from his upcoming album 5.0. Shot on the beach of Playa del Rey, Calif., the St. Lunatic is suspended in air by a crane while seated in his dream car, the Mustang 5.0. “It’s just about loving, losing, and wanting to love again,” he says of the Jim Jonsin and Rico Love production, which is No. 12 on the Billboard Hot 100.

In the subsequent interview with, Nelly talks about the ever-changing music industry, a Dr. Luke-produced track on his album featuring Akon and T-Pain, and donating his radio hosting salary to charity.

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  1. Autumn from StL

    He sexy. Im so glad he back on top of the charts. Seem like his slow songs mainly do better than the dance tracks.



    Nelly is back!!!

    Kill ‘em man!


  3. Perio

    hope Ashanti is in the video that would be EPIC!


  4. Taybee(Ranoey)

    oooo nelly<33 missed you!


  5. Stacie

    He is so much Hotter than Drake!


  6. Bieber.4eva

    Wait if Akon is on that Dr.Luke produced song what about that other song he did with, Angel Eyes? that was a good song!


  7. N.Minaj

    He is way better singer then Drake will ever be! And guess what! No Auto-Tune! Impressive Hah!


  8. B.O.W

    I’m so excited i can’t wait for his new album.


  9. Avril

    No Not T-Pain! Anything but T-Pain! That guy hasn’t had hit since Jay-Z’s D.O.A.


  10. LyricLove14

    Video should be HOTT!!! Can’t wait for the album and his singles to go #1…


  11. Cody

    That’s nice of him donating his money to charity!


  12. Lisa

    He is so freakin’ sexy!!! He is one of the original rapper/singers before Drizzy.


  13. Ben

    This track is hot. I cant wait for the album to come out. Nelly should return back to the top where he belongs. NELLY #1!!!!!


  14. zoe luczywo

    i love that somg:}:}obsessed


  15. zoe luczywo

    i love ya:}:}obsessed


  16. Miranda

    this song is like my favorite song!


  17. *3* --->> LaDy GaGa & RiHannA

    I lovEEEEe U … :P …
    Ps. I wanna meet U in ThaiLand


    … รักคุณเสมอ –> AlwaYs Love U …


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