Ne-Yo: Beyoncé Headed in ‘Another Direction’ on New Album

Ne-Yo and Beyoncé

Ne-Yo has had a longstanding relationship with Beyoncé, having penned one of the biggest hits of her career, “Irreplaceable.” But after missing out on her last album I Am… Sasha Fierce, the singer-songwriter is back in the studio, working on B’s upcoming fourth solo release.

“It’s coming along nicely. I can’t speak too much on it, but it’s another direction for her, and she’s carving out her own niche,” he told Access Atlanta. “In a minute nobody will be in Beyoncé’s lane. They really can’t get in her lane now, but they really can’t get in her lane after this album.”

Mrs. Carter may be enjoying life at home with Jay-Z, but she appears eager to return to the lab. Jim Jonsin hinted that he might be getting back in the booth with B after sending her some music to listen to. “She may be recording, she may not,” the “Sweet Dreams” producer told Rap-Up TV in May.

Aside from his production and writing career, Ne-Yo is currently focused on his fourth album, Libra Scale. The LP, delayed to an October 19 release date, has already spawned the singles “One in a Million,” “Champagne Life,” and “Beautiful Monster.”

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  1. Kolocho Kitler Melvin Carson

    queen B is back!!!!!!!!
    she’s ready to beat everybody. =)))
    welcome back bey!!!!!!!!
    happy birthday!
    she’s now ready to beat BEP’s “I Gotta Feeling”
    yeah yeah.
    welcome back. IRREPLACEABLE PART 2 is ready =))))

    and to the haters?get ready. you’re gonna cry aahahha.
    GB Bey!!!


  2. The Prophet Blog

    The only direction that she should be going in is straight into the bargain bin!


  3. Kolocho Kitler

    Queen B is back =)


  4. Blasian

    The Prophet Blog



  5. king

    dis bitch is comin with the same thing she need to other stuff like rihanna


  6. A Realist

    She’s comingggggggggg!


  7. Kolocho Kitler

    @king don’t worry. you’ll see! she the queen…
    all of the songs from her new album ???? hmmmm
    #1. hahahahahha


  8. king

    with the same thing


  9. Ricky

    I enjoy Ne-Yo, I really do. But I’m worried that he won’t give Beyonce fresh, innovative material. Look how many “Irreplaceable” derivatives he came up with after that song hit.


  10. someone new please

    Hope her first single is, Lights Out second single, I’m Going Away third single,The End!


  11. h

    Don’t worry Ricky. If the Queen B doesn’t like what Ne-Yo has to offer, she won’t have any problem to fire him LOL


  12. king

    rihanna is comin for blood


  13. workitout80

    the queen is coming poor esser girls


  14. king

    beyonce need to go make a baby or something


  15. king

    beyonce is a bitch and go pack up rihanna new album november 2 love rihanna


  16. lovethewayulie

    Guys,let’s face this.. Rihanna,Beyonce,Gaga etc.. are not same!!!Deal with it…
    You don’t have to write bout Rihanna and Gaga when theme is Beyonce… and opposite..
    They are competition to each other,they all wanna make number one songs…and have success… But if u like Bey,u don’t have to call Rihanna a bitch,and slut..just cause she is competition to B… (and opposite :D ) They all have their style,and they r all special on their own way…


  17. Taybee(Ranoey)

    how can you compare beyonce to rihanna o.o… beyonce is the queen, rihanna is the princess.


  18. ellie

    I see why the haterz get their panties in a knot when they see Bey is coming back….when she is in the game, NO ONE can beat her. Only when she steps aside for some rest can they even be on the radar. Bey wins everything and leaves scraps for all these hoes…All the wannabes, LOOK OUT, you’re going back to where you all belong, in the dumper.


  19. honeybun

    cant wait!!


  20. Carrie

    The british aint have nothing on this…
    The Queen Bey is coming!!! The Queen Bey is coming!!!
    The rest of these girls in the industry better get their shine during these last couple months before IV (the name I gave Beyonce 4th album) comes out. Because when the Queen comes to town… She SHUTS SHIT DOWN!!!!
    I love u Beyonce and Im buying IV and I Am… Live in London whenever u decide to release!!!!


  21. Carrie

    DAMNNNN Look how nervous the hating ass girls get when there is jus NEWS about the Queens new album. no release date, no single, no word from Beyonce herself, and u hating bitches are scared for favorites career Already???….. Bey I aint kno u had em nervous like dat! Well, I Guess They Dnt Call Her The QUEEN For Nothing. I LOVE U BEY.


  22. nunu

    i agree wit lovethewayulie

    dis whole lets see which artist is better battle bullshit is dumb


  23. anonymous

    She will release fours songs in one day. Four music videos in one day. Have commercials all over the place, show up at every high profile red carpet event. Oh and she will still be gyrating and coochie popping in our faces. She is not going to change.


  24. Teirria

    The Queen is about to return from her much needed well deserved hiatus to show these other broads how it’s really suppose to be done lolz!!! Thank God for the haters because haters only let us real beyonce fans know that, Mrs.Beyonce ain’t nothing to be played with in the music industry fo sho!!! So, listen here all you fans/stans of these other R&B singers out there right now, y’all better make sure that, your favorties is getting enough play time because when the Queen returns then recess is over ya dig!!!


  25. lies

    Beyonce is coming yess!! she always sits the lesser girls down..


  26. Andrew

    Happy B’Day to the QUEEN !!!!!
    We know who owns the throne, bitches…


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  28. 121

    Oh my god i couldn’t have said it better myself @ellie
    The Queen is coming and I can’t wait!


  29. Sarah



  30. king

    fuk beyonce


  31. Toaois85

    So to all the beyonce haters whether you like her or not her accomplishments speak for theirselves…I won’t list all of them but 16 Grammys(#3 behind one Aretha and Allison somebody for female artist) Grammys aren’t just past out, they are awards that your peers decide to honor you with…and if you listen nobody ever has anything bad to say about her other than fans that don’t like her…people are gonna like who they like and it just happens that a majority of the world likes beyonce more than other people


  32. fedrick

    @king hey listen u f**king bloody Son/Transexual of a filthy bitch, u better shut ur cunt up because THE QUEEN B DESERVES EVERYTHING, UR DEFENSE MECHANISMS AIN’T WORKING!!!


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