Lil’ Kim Is Hot in Cleveland

Lil' Kim

The Queen Bee descended on Tops and Bottoms nightclub in Cleveland, Ohio, to celebrate local entrepreneur Tan’s birthday. Rocking a turquoise dress and jet-black hair, Kim sipped on champagne as she posed for pics with fans, chilling in VIP and making her way through the crowd with a big smile on her face.

Lil’ Kim is fresh on the comeback trail following a few years of recording silence, releasing her remix to Usher’s Jay-Z-assisted “Hot Tottie” and appearing in a video for newcomer Am8er’s “10 Date Commandments.” Though she hasn’t officially announced a new album, the rap diva looks ready to reclaim her throne. Wanna bumble with the bee, huh?

Lil' Kim Lil' Kim Lil' Kim

Thanks to Morgan at Lil’ Kim Fan Club for the photos!

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  1. Lukas

    sooo hot! can’t wait for her new album


  2. martin



  3. Chris

    Kim hot totty cant compare her 2 nobody!!!


  4. Miss Info

    She looks cute,keep it up kim


  5. Honey

    Hmm okay she looks a hot mess.. Cant believe this is the same lilkim as 10 years ago.. She doesnt even look black anymore.. Its sad to see ppl who are not proud of who they are.. Skin bleachin instead of loving your brownskin.. Nose job.. Instead of loving your beautifull african nose.. Its a damn shame


  6. harvey

    these dayz lil kim looks better than ever…her looks are allwayz on point.dame she looks good in the first one.


  7. cutiepie

    I see you kimmy.


  8. WhatTheF

    Queen mutha effin Bee!

    WHO MAD?


  9. ponyo

    #teamlilkim i can’t wait for her to drop an album her albums are always good and she repeat nothing twice…that why i like her so much


  10. Wake Up Six

    #TeamKimberlyJones The ORIGINATOR *LEGEND*


  11. beysus

    I Heart lil’ Kim


  12. Diamond

    Her face looks so tight…smh I miss the old kim I cant support her when she beefing with people and her flow aint what it used to be…that aint the queen bee….i cant with her…


  13. Shane

    I heart Lil’ Kim as well
    i do wish she would make them eyebrows thinner but yeah she’s looking hot


  14. Shaka The King B

    Kim is Pink Friday


  15. From Tokyo

    She look cute in the first pic! Love that butterfly bracelet.


  16. Jarvis

    whatup w/ those eyebrows they look terrible


  17. G3

    She looks gudd!!


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