Video: T.I. Hits the Club Following Arrest

Nelly and T.I.

T.I. was motivated to get back to ATL. After he and his wife Tiny were arrested for alleged drug possession last week in West Hollywood, the King of the South returned home, following orders from his parole officer, for an impromptu performance of “Motivation” at Club Ritz in Riverdale. He was joined by fellow rapper and friend Nelly and received lots of love from the crowd.

The song’s lyrics couldn’t have been more appropriate at this time. “Anythang don’t kill me, make me better,” Tip emphatically rapped while wearing sweats and an AKOO T-Shirt that read, “Pain is a small thing to a giant.”

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  1. WhatTheF




    He Should Be Taking Some Time Off, But This Is Awesome


  3. Ankka

    he can party all he wants, maybe he knows that he’ll be spending the next 2 or 3 years in jail again… #FLOP


  4. ponyo

    i hope this is the last bit of trouble u get ya self into….follow me at luciouscoko


  5. harvey

    T.I you cool…but you betta not got in no more trouble.cause you have alot of fans that respect you I allready new his new album gonna be #1.


  6. truth

    People are dumb!


  7. JD

    I didnt realize how envious some haters are of this man! You worry about his problems but not worry about your own? Nice…


  8. Lisa

    The two sexiest men alive together!


  9. kani k.

    T,I get married with Nelly,

    stay away from Tinie.


  10. Aimee

    Nelly’s so cute!


  11. ...

    this is the LAST thing he needed to do. show some remorse for acting like a dumbass. i hope he gets the book thrown at him.


  12. Anonymous

    [...] || Video: T.I. Hits the Club Following Arrest [...]

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  14. philly31

    Damn Nelly look good. I am a T.I. fan this dude makes the craziest decisions. STAY AT HOME!! please…lol


  15. 60Cynt

    T.I. you go boy. He still the king of the South. And you can take the king out of the hood. But you cant take the HOOD out of the KING! And Tiny is a ride or die chick thats what all men want.


  16. Slamuwell Jaxson

    of course the lyrics are appropriate for the time, his last couple of cd’s have all been about him getting ready to go to/just getting out of jail.


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