Video: Nicki Minaj Shows Her Pride in Atlanta

Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj headed to the Dirty South to perform Saturday night (Sept. 4) during Atlanta Black Pride Weekend 2010 at the Georgia Freight Depot. Coming out to the tune of “Itty Bitty Piggy,” a purple-haired Nicki walked the stage’s runway, slapping hands with the screaming ladies packed into the venue.

“I’m a bad bitch,” the crowd chanted back at Minaj, who sported a black leather jacket accented by pink, green, and blue streaks, tight leather pants, and long, curly magenta fingernails. During her set, the Harajuku Barbie ran through verses from Young Money’s “Roger That,” Usher’s “Lil Freak,” Ludacris’ “My Chick Bad,” and Trey Songz’ “Bottoms Up.”

“You guys, listen to me. I’ve never had this much fun performing that song in my fucking life!” she said after barking her show-stopping 16 from DJ Khaled’s “All I Do Is Win (Remix).” The Young Money raptress closed it out by spitting her verse from Yo Gotti’s “5 Star Chick (Remix),” later taking to her Twitter account to share just how much fun she had.

“Really didn’t know Atl Gay Pride was gonna be that epic…Still in shock,” she tweeted. Couldn’t have picked a better way to show her pride.

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  1. honesty



  2. T

    She MURDERED it. I heard she had people fainting and everything.


  3. VaunTV



  4. A Realist

    That ass in those pants_________!!!!!!


  5. Jaye

    Heard her shows were great as well. I still don’t know how she did 3 shows in one night! #teamminaj


  6. J_ROK

    Why didn’t she perform “Massive Attack” or “Your Love”??


  7. Taybee(Ranoey)

    This isn’t the entire performance lol, she performed your love towards the end and she has never performed massive attack in her shows- probably because its the least favorable song and plus its not going to be on her album. The song is irrelevant now.


  8. Alex

    Lol i don’t think she will ever perform massive attack unless the fans really want it and she’s going to debut Her First Your Love Performance Live at the VMA’s Preshow


  9. Alex

    @J_ROK Lol i don’t think she will ever perform massive attack unless the fans really want it and she’s going to debut Her First Your Love Performance Live at the VMA’s Preshow


  10. meme

    jesus lawd….i honestly dont think an artist had this much buzz since Gaga. And Gaga buzz came after she had 2 #1 single and an album. Nicki aint have sh*t but a mix tape and this girl has massive followers. They shud bump her album up, real talk.


  11. ponyo

    i believe her when ahe says this is the most fun she’s had….ps nicki is confortable around gays because she is gay her self…..


  12. maxi lopez

    shes such a phenomenom… PF baby nov23rd!


  13. Mz.Drizzy

    its barbie bitches <3


  14. AAA

    Yessssssss!!!!!!!….ya not messin with ha,


  15. Cameraman

    Dang…And I thought the rumors about her were false.

    Well, now that I know how she swings, I have no choice but to take her off my “Celebrity Crushes” list…Rule #1 is ONLY STRAIGHT WOMEN ARE RECIPIENTS OF MY CRUSHES!


  16. Taybee(Ranoey)

    Well if it helps shes not a lesbian.. she’s bi- and if you go on wikipedia she’s even reported saying she doesnt date nor have sex with women.


  17. Taybee(Ranoey)

    Just ‘bi-curiosity’ which i believe every girl has lol (coming from a straight girl)


  18. Cameraman


    I know that’s what she said…Still, you wouldn’t expect me as a headlining artist at Asian World Festival, right?

    What’s with these straight (or at least those acting as such) women headlining a festival not for their type?


  19. nojusthenry

    wish i lived in the atl that night.. i wouldve waited in line foreva… she is doin for female rap and kinda rap in general what lady gaga did for pop music.. makin it exciting again…


  20. Will

    Nicki has accomplished more than any female artist without even dropping an album. just incredible.


  21. Carmen

    How can you be gay if “you don’t date or have sex with females and you are a female.” lol.

    One word for this performance is – DAMN!

    Why won’t she do her new song with will I am at the VMA’s? I’ll be looking out. Hope she has no glitches this time.


  22. Drak-E

    Whatta Dumb Bitch!


  23. Drak-E

    Whatta Dumb Biatch!


  24. Taybee(Ranoey)

    Some girls are free- and I get a very free vibe from nicki minaj lol. But hey i dont believe shes a lesbian, I believe she’s bi and it really doesn’t matter to me. Kinda irrelevant in my opinion. Alot of people make such a big deal about her being bi but turn their heads and smile when Gaga is freaking at 1st base with another female in her own video! lol.


  25. king

    gaga aint so shit for pop she jus bitch and devil she need to go hell b real talk and her fan to


  26. Alejandro


    You shouldnt be listening to music. You should be reading a book.


  27. king

    fuk Alejandro and fuk gaga she is devil and u u and she could hell


  28. AnthonyC.

    @Cameraman Just because she performs at a gay event does not make her gay. it makes her appreciative of all of her fans. and I think Nicki could care less about your crush list. last year it was Lil’Kim that was the head line artist and no one was saying anything about that. and many other artist have done gay events that are not gay. come on now its 2010 people are way more diverse than now than what they were maybe 30yrs ago in which u seem to have been left behind.


  29. Avril

    Lol that’s so true!


  30. BLAQUE



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