New Music: R. Kelly – ‘Fireworks’


R. Kelly shoots off “Fireworks” on the new single from his Epic album, hitting stores Sept. 21. Over a snapping, guitar-laced melody care of Polow Da Don, Kellz sings about seeing colors dance across the night sky, crooning inspirational lyrics like, “I feel emotions deep inside my bones/ Like an ocean when the wave gets strong/ I feel today is my victory/ I’ve gotta get out there and make history.”

Not only does the Epic song back up its ambitious album title, but there’s plenty more where that came from, with two other LPs expected from the Pied Piper this year. Now that’s something to celebrate.

Download: R. Kelly -”‘Fireworks”

Source: YouHeardThatNew

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  1. Alex

    Great to see Kellz back with great classic R&B songs ;D


  2. Neil

    NICE! =)
    R. Kelly’s back with the I Believe I Can Fly-like Songs!!! woot… XP


  3. 250 MG

    This is great!!! This song makes me so happy :)


  4. LyricLove

    Classic He is the most diversed R&B artist thats why he is the KING I love it…


  5. blixmpi

    Zone 4 Baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  6. zioulou

    this is such a wonderful song


  7. Lisa

    da very beginnin of da song soundz lyk already taken lol



    Kellz= King of R&B!!!!
    Love this, defiantly a Classic!

    take notes ppl!


  9. ponyo

    ok this is the third song i’ve heard thus far and they’re good but this is 2010 i need something different


  10. Fabricio Pedrazi



  11. Wow!

    HIT! HIT! HIT!

    Congrats, Mr. Kelly! You’re a genius and this is will be huge internationally. Mark my words!


  12. Sidwell Baba

    Not only are you R’nB king in my view, but King of music. Great song and definite reminder why younger artists must respect and appreciate those who pave the way for them (You know who you are!).


  13. Sigint

    this song looks like “sign of a victory”


  14. Phoenix_Wright

    When the drums came in I got hooked


  15. mistwalker

    classic pure class trey aint got shit on him untill he can mak hits like this r kelly is really the r in R&B


  16. dace

    the new fireworks song is one of my fave tracks atm


  17. torika nasau

    love it


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