Alicia Keys & Swizz Beatz Get High on Love

Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz

Love was in the air as a smiling Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz disembarked a helicopter at the West Side Heliport in New York City on Monday (Sept. 6). The Grammy-winning songstress was radiant in a floor-length yellow dress that showed off her growing baby bump, while Swizzy kicked it in white sneakers and a white tee.

While the super-producer may be willing to speak about their relationship, Alicia still prefers to keep some things private. The wifey prevented her husband from posting a video online of the two jamming to some old school hip-hop. “Sorry the queen said no post tonight :)sorry next time…..,” tweeted an obedient Swizz. Guess we know who wears the pants in this relationship.

Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz

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  1. Saph

    shes great love her:)


  2. Tom-Tom

    Love them!


  3. BW

    I Love them together! They radiant love.


  4. tami

    They might radiate love but nonethelese he cheated on his wife. Their love came about from hurting someone else which happened to be his wife. That in iteself is wrong and surprising coming from Alicia who sings so much about womanhood and girl power. She’s not so great she is human and flawed like everyone else.


  5. Patrick

    Swizz & Alicia look great together, all smiles, just like new love, and love should be. I see their are still some people who can seem to get over the fact that when one relationship, you can begin another.


  6. regina

    I never thought Alicia wouldn’t be flawed? There is no human that can qualify for the non-flawed category. Yeah I am surprised & disappointed that she had to find love this way(whatever way that is, no one really knows all the details). Hopefully Mashonda can get over her pain & find the man for her cause obviously Swizz wasn’t.


  7. Kim

    OMG they look so wonderful together. May God Bless them and their baby.


  8. BW

    Mashonda allowed Swizz to cheat. She allowed him to have children by other women while they were in a relationship. Mashonda could have left the relationship. Why stay?

    Swizz took his feet and walked all over Mashonda. Mashonda allowed it to happen. When you set boundaries with anyone, they know not to cross those boundaries.

    If you value yourself, others will value you as well or at least respect you.

    That’s Real Talk!


  9. Beautiful Couple

    I have never saw Swizz smile so much. They are truly happy and in love.

    No one knows their story. Let them be happy and enjoy their life together.

    Love is a blessing. Hope everyone finds their blessing and path in life.


  10. LadyM

    I love Alicia and Swizz together.They just look good together.You always gonna have haters.I wish them the best.Congrats on the new baby.


  11. Will

    Mashonda gotta move on… the man moved out of the house 2 or 3 years ago.


  12. wwinvestments

    mashonda should stop blamming the other women and take a look at her own self why would her man want other women. what she is doing now i can see nagging


  13. joe wilson

    she is so hot seriously incredibly hot


  14. sgdfg

    shit she looks big


  15. Pretty1908

    everyone is going on and on about cute they are but im sure opinions would change if it was your hubby uhh yeah… mashonda never blamed alicia. wrong is wrong …. soror or not alicia shouldve known better.


  16. chee chee

    Please let these two live, leave these two alone.
    Everyone is listening Mashonda and you do not even know her. There is always more than one side of a story, and Alicia and Swizz do not owe anybody an explanation. It is there business not anyone’s else. I think they look very happy together everyone should have some happiness. They are great together.


  17. Brighteyeshazel

    Haters let it go. This is not your life. You people don’t know them or the entire story. Just what a scorned women said that allowed this man to have multiple kids on her but yet want to blame when it was Alicia Keys someone who is clearly more successful than her. She need to move on bc clearly Swizz has. Umm like 10 yrs ago when he had his first son on her. Anyway Alicia you look radiant and you and your hubby look great together. God bless you.


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