New Music: Jesse McCartney – ‘Shake’


Jesse McCartney is all grown up. The former teen star brags about his sexual prowess on “Shake,” the first single from his fourth album. “Shawty hittin’ me up, says she wanna re-up, knows I got the best in town,” he sings on the synth-heavy club record, which is featured in the new Tap Tap Revenge 3 game for iPhone and iPod touch.

The blue-eyed soul singer has more in store for the ladies on his new project. “Girls will be like, ‘Damn, I need to call up Jesse. He’s somebody I need in my life,’” producer Sean Garrett told “And not just from a corny pop perspective, the Mr. Cool song, but more so like, ‘Damn, I need to see dude.’”

Break off Jesse Mac’s sexy new single below.

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  1. FabioLevesque

    I Love It!
    P.S. Rap Up,i wait for Can’t Take That Away From Me by JoJo!
    I NEED IT!


  2. filipe

    ya really


  3. filipe

    P.S. rap-Up, i need this mixtape of JoJo please


  4. Christine

    The song is really hot! I can’t wait for it to hit the charts and make the #1 spot! :)


  5. Tina

    Love It! Preview and a new mixtape from JoJo this day is already starting out good. Love ya Rap-Up


  6. Monica

    Great song but he has green eyes but blue fyi.


  7. Nait Phoenix

    The more he grows as an artist, the more I like him. Dude, you’re gonna make me like you if this is your next venture.


  8. ibtha1

    I’m loving it!


  9. Landen

    Yeah Definitely Jesse! Keep Hitting

    up with Hits like this and we will

    keep listening! Your new era is Sick.

    Loved the very last one with departure

    and this one as well! I hope you have

    some ballads or R&B Slow songs on your

    album to accompany this because I know you

    got a voice and should let it shine on the

    slow ones too!


  10. Bri

    Jesse is cool with me and I only know two of his songs but I think that Justin Bieber kid would have sounded better on this type of track (minus the lyrics) because that kid has more soul than Jesse.


    mary Reply:

    Stfu ugly ass bitch Jesse is 10000000000 times better r -.-@Bri,


  11. natalie

    jesse is raw idgaf bout what people say lmao


  12. Ichelle

    Jesse really grew up as an artist… na for real I can see this on 105.1 real talk.. Justin Bieber is for them teens out there… I’m feelin this song


  13. katie

    omg! jesse maCartnet is so hot and i love this song


  14. PN

    I was surprised to see Jesse McCartney’s Shake debut at No. 90 on the Billboard Hot 100. It’s like a continuation of the pop meets urban R&B patchwork he did on his 2008 album. I thought the Sean Garrett-produced songs that were on his last album were the best and I like that he went with Jesse again for this new single.


  15. Denise

    I love this song! He’s really grown op from beautiful soul and she’s no you. He seems to like to talk about sex now.


  16. Reshona McCartney

    HE SOOOO SEXII :S I’m jealous of his wife…..SMH. FML!! I wish I was in his bed LOL ;3


  17. shliya

    i love your muiscal


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