Video: Trey Songz – ‘Can’t Be Friends’

Trey Songz

Trey Songz links back up with “Bottoms Up” director Anthony Mandler for the official, finished version of his video for “Can’t Be Friends.” Unlike the previously leaked clip with the timecode on the bottom of the screen, this edit shows a clear shot of the shirtless heartthrob looking into the camera as he agonizes over being unable to pursue a relationship after it was already consummated.

Watch Trey battle his inner demons and be on the lookout for his Passion, Pain & Pleasure album, hitting stores next week.

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  1. Heuy



  2. shortyloxx

    @ Heuy, i take it you dont like trey songz lol…

    I love this man i cant wait till sept 14 (i think thats the day the cd comes out) lol


  3. Ok Ok

    Anthony Mandler = the most consistantley bad director of all times.


  4. naomi



  5. WhatchaSayin'

    The end part with the crazy facial expressions is unintentionally hilarious. Good video. Very Confessions-esque. Just shows how renowned Usher is in the music industry


  6. Nicole

    Trey is so annoying now. so over him


  7. philly31

    Song is good…Video is bad..the end!!


  8. Cmon Son

    Why is my comment awaiting moderation i didnt even swear? By the way this is the exact same version that leaked 2 weeks ago and they tried to say that it was gonna be different smh. Anthony Mandlers just a horrible director his videos are incredibly boring.



    ugliest singer right now


  10. A damn shame

    This is definately treys best song to date but the video definately ruined a great and timeless song. Blame Anthony Mandler lol.


  11. CiaraSongz

    he is so seeeeeexy!


  12. taj mahal

    song good but the video is kinda weird. anthony mandler is not bad but could have been better. great song


  13. hip hop police

    Why is he putting so many songs out? Is he trying to take over the radio or something?


  14. Chris Shorts

    video reminds me of neighbors no my name but love this song, ppp is ready part 2 to me great stuff.


  15. tva

    @hip hop police

    There are officially only 2 records out Bottoms Up (club record) and Can’t Be Friends (ballad) everything else is a leak.


  16. honeybun

    this look like the same video that was leaked two weeks ago…love the song video was ok


  17. Na

    usher (confessions)
    d’angelo (how does it feel)

    sorry trey songz, it’s all been done before.

    you’re still sexy.


  18. ponyo

    ok love the song but do they put any thought to making a good video anymore…and a question …do black men hate black women?…cause trey lost me as a fan today


  19. Becca



  20. Bee4T

    i smell……….a lot of fuckin haters video is boring that’s true but song is pretty good…agree with Na it all been done before but sometimes we just need new similar versions


  21. Jay



  22. Angie

    He is very sexy and the video is boring. I was a little disappointed with the girl chosen. But that is the image of women that they are pushing as sexy now…so….


  23. breana

    i love this song every time i hear this song i turn it up real loud and he is super sexy on this video so big up to trey songs and this song


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