New Music: Ron Isley f/ Lauryn Hill – ‘Close to You’

Ron Isley and Lauryn Hill

Ron Isley does the near impossible by getting the reclusive Lauryn Hill to appear on his new track. Mr. Biggs and Ms. Hill duet on a cover of Burt Bacharach’s tender ballad “(They Long to Be) Close to You” for his upcoming album Mr. I (due Nov. 30). After her return to the stage and the charts, we’re more and more hopeful for some new L. Boogie tunes.

Download: Ron Isley f/ Lauryn Hill – “Close to You”

Audio via dajaz1

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  1. ASH

    Lauryn Hill is back to making music … the Earth has begun to spin again.


  2. Bri-leave da Hype

    OMG this is the song I’m walking down the isle to…OMG Lauryn Hill’s voice is amazing


  3. James



  4. srs

    This right here is music man!i love it ,dope their voices go well together,Lauryn stays proving that shes one in a million.


  5. JD

    That was pretty


  6. myke757



  7. M.C



  8. M.C



  9. Chad

    So excited and happy L-Boogie is making a comeback, the music industry and your fans need you back!! Huge Welcome back! Show them how it be!


  10. RanfBLover

    I’m loving this track, I’m so glad that Lauryn is back making new music.


  11. MiGi

    damn i forgot how good that voice was , them high notes hit me damn !!!


  12. arlet

    Dopeee. More please


  13. nelke

    Goosebumps Ms. Hill!


  14. Tell'em

    Her voice sounds beautiful. Big ups to Ron Isley for getting her on the track.


  15. Concerned Listener



  16. joey

    not to be gay but that was really pretty haha. definitely my homecoming song for me and my girl gotta have our first dance to this cut. great song


  17. 49ers160

    This is a nice soothing beat, Reminds me of the temptations back in the day. Glad she’s back


  18. fi

    there is a beautiful version by jody watley from her “makeover”…kinda same broken down kinda vibe!
    It is a beautiful song…
    welcome back lauryn !


  19. F. Monroe

    Wow! That’s all I can say….Wow!


  20. Mo Galloway

    A wonder duet! Welcome back to Ron and Lauryn.


  21. Rocdiva

    Ronald and L-Boogie together! Timeless. I normally don’t post… BUT… I was moved to tears!…This song is what R&B should be. Beautiful lyrics that invoke the feeling of love-not of sex. Lauryn, I wish you could read this and know what you, your music and most of all your ‘voice’ means to us. My daughter is 12 and listens to your music is if it were 1998 all over again. She wrote an essay on one of your songs explaining how the words of Doo Wop (That Thing) are the same as what I have been teaching her for years… and that she appreciates the truth in those words and how R&B music today just doesn’t compare.

    Lauryn, please come back and bless us once more with your ‘voice’.

    **Yea, I know she probably won’t read this… But one can try!**


  22. nyakz

    don’t know about classic come on..its an average song..theres much better music out today real talk


  23. Tonya and Gary

    I am in a place right now that is peaceful—after a hectic day—listening to this song—my heart skips a beat—I just told my future love for life that we will dance to this melody on 10-10-10—-she is awesome and really she could have done this two person song alone—I keep pressing re-play… I can’t wait until I can acquire something new from her……………………


  24. MusicatedOne


    Oh really? Like “Your love”? “Bottoms up”? “Single Ladies”? “Rude Boy”? yea today’s r&b artist are full of CLASSIC RECORDS! sit yo azz down!

    Ladies and Gents that idiot is just one of the many consumers who continue to kill the foundation known as R AND MUTHAF***ING B!


  25. **"Black Diamond"**

    after I take Ron down the isle with that song..that’s the best yet keep bring it…love that music from beginning to end…


  26. Dorothy

    love it


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