Kanye West Suits Up for a Stroll

Kanye West

Kanye West jogs in Lanvin and strolls in suede loafers without socks. A purplexed Kanye was snapped for the second time this week in New York City with an unidentified lady friend music exec Tracey Waples wearing a charcoal grey suit and black tie. Just last week, he was seen enjoying the company of supermodel Selita Ebanks at the U.S. Open.

All eyes are on ‘Ye as he gears up for this Sunday’s VMAs. What will he perform and will he reunite with Taylor Swift onstage? The suspense is killing us.

Kanye West Kanye West

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  1. Riddler



  2. myke757

    Kanye is always fresh…ppl comment on the way the he, Mos, Common, and Fonzworth dress and say that they’re gay because they dress nice, back in the day black men took pride in their appearance and were impeccable.


  3. Yves Paris

    Awwwweeeeeeessssssssoooooommmmmme we have been waiting for this…return of the the Louis Vuitton Don…VMA10 haha


  4. kani k.

    the shoes do not match the pants


  5. SR

    as much as he want to be he is not a suit persone


  6. Macarons

    Ses mocassins sont parfaits.


  7. Lett It Go

    The woman above is Tracey Waples, she’s used to work for Def Jam and has done A&R for people like Jay-Z.


  8. bass_man

    i knew she was there for business. the body language.


  9. Hardcasefiles

    That’s the best you can do ye’?
    Thats not power my nigga


  10. JhuntdaProdigy

    Kanye don’t look happy to have whatever convo they’re having lol


  11. Linda

    If you had any sense of style the shoes are not supposed to match your pants or jacket. You would then look like a single color block walking down the street. The black shoes are to pop out the black tie and the grey suit. Details hun


  12. guest

    Does Tracey Waples have any kids….I heard she does? Does anyone know?


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