New Music: Chrisette Michele – ‘I’m a Star’

Chrisette Michele

Chrisette Michele is ready to do her on “I’m a Star,” the first single off her as-yet-untitled third album. With her fresh new look, the soulful singer peps up her sound with this inspirational feel-good anthem about overcoming the lows and turning them into highs.

“Been to the bottom and came back from it,” she sings over twinkling instrumentation, sporting handclaps and candy sweet melodies. Check the track below and get acquainted with a content Chrisette.

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  1. VaunTV



  2. The Queen

    Chrisette is love!


  3. hottottie

    I love this! catchy and happy :)


  4. bass_man

    I see she hooked back up with Ne-Yo! I don’t think this record has the same spark as their other collabos. “Epiphany” “What You Do” trump this, even with this being more uptempo.


  5. elvis

    Chrisette yess…but first single i don’t know..great song nonetheless…


  6. jayLOVESbEY

    i agree with @bass_man its not one of her best i think its a cute album track but not first single but we’ll see!


  7. poetikstars

    love it and i see it being a first single and even being on some corny verizon commerical or something


  8. Tina

    I agree with @bass_man and @jayLOVESbey there have been better collabos and this is a good song and all but its definitely not first single worthy.


  9. chris shorts

    classic chrisette shes wonderful its vibable ~ @chris_shorts


  10. Jeffery J-Boe

    YES!!!… I Love This Song Already, It’s Inspirational, Sexy, and Classy Which Chrisette Michele Is All Of These Things, and Much More… And I Cannot Wait For The Album To Come Out, and Ne-Yo Did His Thing Like Always… Chrisettte Michele For 2010, and Beyond.


  11. ssiah

    Hawt hawt Hawt.Mi gurl brings it all di time! I am awaiting this album. “I ain’t thinking about you, I’ma do me tonight!”


  12. jhobbs

    love it love her


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