Rap-Up TV: will.i.am Talks New Black Eyed Peas Album, Nicki Minaj

We caught up with the man of the hour, will.i.am, shortly before he received the President’s Award at the BMI Urban Music Awards. The Black Eyed Peas founder and his bandmate apl.de.ap spoke about the group’s new album The Beginning and the likelihood of it coming out this year.

Plus, will shared what it was like to work with Nicki Minaj on their single “Check It Out” and reveals apl’s crush on the Harajuku Barbie. “She loves music, she loves to express herself, and she’s a sick-ass lyricist,” the head Pea told Rap-Up TV. “A lot of people think she maybe got a ghostwriter—nah, that’s her. She’s fresh.”

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  1. Lets Be Real

    Thanks for clearing that up Will I am cause some of these lames think Nicki doesnt write her shit. Nicki put all these other female MC’s to shame.


  2. Lets Be Fake

    Really you call that cereal box rhymes writing. I rather have someone write my __ then to hop on a track and sound like her…

    Will is garbage. He has the records but how many people actually check for him besides the MTV crowd. Sorry Will you have no creditability when it comes to Hip Hop & or Nicki ” copy everything from everyone” Minaj


  3. A Realist

    B.E.P.! ON DAT INTERNATIONAL STATUS!! Cant wait for the new album. Love their work.

    And people who think Nicki has a ghostwriter are idiots. Lmao. Especially the ones who think her ghostwriter is Lil Wayne. She started rapping in 2003. Didn’t meet Wayne til like 2006. And, if I remember correctly, Wayne is in jail and isn’t allowed to have things like an iPod to listen to beats, so how he writing any of her new stuff? C’mon, son.


  4. Beyoncestan

    Kinkos Minaj Fans

    Notice her hits are none of her own.. They are only samples. Her mixtape is a sample/remake of someone else hits

    She built her hold image as a copy. Kinkos Minaj sit down please!


  5. Trina305

    @ a realist & Lets be real

    You can tell when Nicki Minaj writes her lyrics and when she doesn’t.

    Track like Monster.. Ghostwritten
    Tracks like ” Check It Out .. Nicki written

    Just because she was out in 2003 doesn’t mean that she doesn’t have someone writing her rhymes. She had a crew before she got signed and she will have a crew after her 15 mins are over @ Beyoncestan LMFAO

    #KinkosMinaj #KinkosMinaj #KinkosMinaj #KinkosMinaj


  6. mr

    nicki minaj has alot of people talking about her negative or positive while she is out making alot of money. I know she doesnt have a ghostwriter. Its funny because first they were saying she rap like a baby now they saying she got a ghostwriter. they do this to anybody who is the top of there game.(ie kanye west is gay, illumanati. lady gaga is a man, generic pop. will.i.am is gay, and unoriginal, drake is gay, he cant rap etc.) i mean she is not the first and she wont be the last. haters will say anything to distract you from the artists talent. nicki minaj make money because haters will always hate.


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  8. Antonio

    OMG! I wanted a BEP feat. Nicki Minaj!


  9. Carmen

    Y they didnt talk to Nicki?
    Y she gotta have a ghostwriter though? Her stuff is so out there and the delivery, I just cant think of anybody creating it for her. People that say that she has a ghostwriter just don’t want to give her her props.

    @beyoncestan sorry to burst ya bubble but Beyonce is the one with ghostwriters. She actually got busted many times. She takes people’s talents and credits herself.


  10. Pinoy

    APL my pinoy brother got that fresh hair.


  11. LMAO

    Why on Earth would Nicki have a ghostwriter? HOW DARE YOU PEOPLE! How dare you try to pass that shit off on someone else.


    That wackness is all her. From her ugly costumes, greasy wigs, clown makeup and shitty music, that’s definitely all her.


  12. Steve


    ALLL MIXTAPES HAVE SAMPLES Dumbass, and she has plenty original song on her mixtape…..

    Kill Da Dj, Five-O, I Get Crazy, Handstand, Keys Under The Palm trees, ENVY, Baddest Bitch, Can Anybody Hear Me, and the list goes on…


  13. A Realist

    @mr Soooo true!


  14. @MonsterBarb

    It ain’t no reason to hate on NICKI she is MAKING MONEY! So if you had the chance to be her and write her “sorry” lines you would do it with out a second guess. Nicki is BOMB and VERSITALE dumb hoes don’t understand that!
    #TeamMinaj leggo!


  15. @MonsterBarb

    And WTF does beats have to do with her originality it’s still her lyrics…and it ain’t like half of the rappers today make their own beats so whats the difference from her using other ppl’s beats to Come Up. It’s all part of the process to get money, get fans, and get haters like you!


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