Rap-Up TV: Kevin McCall Talks ‘Deuces’ Success, New Chris Brown Album

When “Deuces” hit No. 1 on the R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart, Kevin McCall and his collaborators Chris Brown and Tyga celebrated the occasion with a “text toast.” Their busy schedules prevented them from meeting up in-person, but Kevin is thrilled for the mixtape track’s success. “We’re all happy, we’re all excited,” he told Rap-Up TV at the 2010 BMI Urban Music Awards.

In addition to working on his own mixtape, the singer-songwriter-producer has been in the studio with Timbaland (“I was about to pass out”) and Chris to record Brown’s next album. He describes two new tracks, the country-tinged “Another You” and “Rest of My Life,” and gives us a hint as to what we can expect from his Polow Da Don-produced single “Calypso.”

The talented artist has something for the Keri Hilson fans too, having produced a slow jam for her sophomore album No Boys Allowed with C. Breezy and Tank. The song was originally written for RichGirl, but found its way into Keri’s hands.

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  1. Migrator

    I’m excited for Chris Brown’s new album.



    They ALL gon FLOP!!!!!!


  3. Ankka

    1. does MJ Impersonator Beat-Her-Down Brown really want another Flop?
    2. Keri’s album is all “slow-tempo” like WTF? that means that it’s going to be released in 2014…
    i was really hoping for her to bring the big hits this time around. Oh well, we still have Ciara!


  4. rob



  5. 01Everything

    wooow. some mad haters here. I don’t care what anybody says, ppl recongnize talent. if dueces didn’t flop, i don’t think his album will. idk why u ppl listen to the interview if u don’t like the ppl they’re talking about. life’s too short to be wasting time hating someone.


  6. Mr Xclusive

    ROFLCOPTER at the haters


  7. SandeePB

    I’m so very happy for Chris Brown. Much continued success to him. :)


  8. Saad

    Kevin had a sick verse in dueces, my fav part of the song. Keep doing your thing too breezy.


  9. mr

    lmfao @ankka ”ima low life hater” dont down others to boost your artist up. Ciara is floppin too not chris brown. I mean im not a huge cb fan but i gotta give props to him for having a number 1 from a mixtape. Everytime i see you post its always negative i mean does your life suck that bad that you have nothin good to say. Get a life like asap ankka please for your sake


  10. Nait Phoenix

    Yes, C. Breezy back on the grind. That’s what I like to hear.


  11. tifanyy

    yeeeaaaaah!! i love chris brown’s entourage!! they are so nice and talented!! good for chris to have girls like miss keri baby or ciara!! they are not like this bitch rihanna who’s not able to write her owns funcking songs!! chris is the best honeys!!! for who the next n°1 hit??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? chris broooown!!! a i can’t wait !! calypso to follow deuceeeeeeeees


  12. piat

    I love the song “Another You” and I really look forward to hearing “Calypso”.


  13. king

    rihanna is way better dan keri and chris she has more money dan to of dem


  14. ...

    @ king hating on chris and keri for the sake of rihanna is not going to make her share all of her money with you hater. And if you feel like she is so much better, why do you constantly stay on chris’s post? You, @ankka, and @bey snatch wigs (what kind of shit is that?), ain’t nothing but some worthless haters with no purpose in life. It seams the only words yall know is flop, the only thing flopping is your miserable lives. On the real, yall are some crazy ass stalkers, yet you claim to hate cb so much, but you are always looking him up, get help people, get help!


  15. sam

    @ mr, I so agree with what you said! The same lame ass haters posting all the time, I also agree with the above comment, these haters are nothing but stalkers with nothing else better to do, they live miserable lives and they want everyone else to miserable right akong with them. I’m gkad for CB, Tyga, and Kevin…CB keep moving forward dude…haters are going to hate, they have nothing else better to do.


  16. arie

    Continue on CB, congrats to you as well as Tyga and Kevin McCall on the success of Deuces! And I’ve seen Takers twice! I agree haters/stalkers get help, worry about not having a pot to piss in and a window to throw it out instead of hating on Chris all the time.


  17. tata

    Kevin is a very talented quad-threat. The man sings,raps, writes and produces. Very pride of him.


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