Rap-Up TV: Monica Wows with Whitney Houston Cover

Sixteen years in the game and Monica can still hold it down. The R&B songstress hit the stage for the second night at L.A.’s Club Nokia on Saturday (Sept. 11) on Trey Songz’ “Passion, Pain & Pleasure Tour,” paying homage to her idol Whitney Houston by performing “I Have Nothing.”

After shouting out her cousin Polow Da Don and “sweetheart” Shannon Brown of the L.A. Lakers, who were both in the house, she introduced the song by saying, “I sing this with pure respect and love.” Check out Mo’s powerful pipes!

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  1. mike

    that’s some true music right there
    i wonder if Monica after performing I Have Nothing, didnt think about doing a real R&B album with that kinda music, it would send her back to the top of R&B royalty, just look at Mariah Carey in 2005 with the Emancipation of Mimi, it was true R&B music and sent her back to the very top
    i think that’s the kinda music people still love and want to hear! that’s the music that make you sell albums!!


  2. AAWesome

    Monica KILT that performance! I’m elated to see Monica has stepped into her own as a perfomer and as an artist. Sometimes a little tough love is all that is needed. CLAPPING FOR HER!


  3. sonic

    Love Whitney ‘The Voice’ Houston! there will neva, eva, be another like her.still listening to ‘ i look to you’ salute is my jam!!


  4. Nicole

    Go head Monica & sing that shit. I can’t wait until i see her here in NY this week.


  5. xedos

    Glad Monica god rid of that thug love. I think it was holding her back


  6. cutiepie

    Monica always shut it down and i am so proud to be oneof her biggest fans.


  7. kerry

    meh, didn’t really like it


  8. WOW!

    I am a big Monica fan, but I have never heard her blow like that before. I was a little skeptical before watching, but she DID THAT! I’m glad she’s putting her voice in the fore-front! Enough of that “Everytime The Beat Drops” mess!


  9. missdiva

    absolutely amazing….a superb vocalist…monica coming into her own and im so very proud of her growth!!


  10. Playboy

    Thats my bitch!! Still Standing BETTA THAN EVA bitches!!!!!


  11. IndyMusicMogul

    It’s about time Monica starts acting like the real talent she is. She is a vocal beast and beautiful, talented and has all the makings to become the next Whitney Houston. Thank God she is not recording that thug thizzle mess anymore. I hated seeing her act like a female thug. She is a classy lady and I love seeing her in the gowns… Her and Brandy are the Gen-X Whitney and Mariah.


  12. Music

    I’m glad that Monica has finally realized that she is one of music’s biggest voice. As of late, she’s been singing her songs with complete conviction and using her powerful pipes more often. Welcome back Monica, we’ve certainly missed you a great deal.


  13. Jay




  14. GetReal

    Good. But let’s be honest, she doesn’t possess Whitney’s stage presence, interpretation or vocal phrasing. Good – but again, close but no NIPPY.


  15. bayarea

    of course Monica’s not gonna be able to convey
    nippys stage presents, etc..etc.. bcuz thats WHITNEY’s signature!
    NOooBODY can do that other than her..HOWEVER MONICA
    took that song and made it HERS! i LOVE monicas POWERFUL voice
    shes’s such a beautiful person inside and out
    and i wish her alll the success!! she DESERVES ït


  16. anely

    I was actually there and i was awed by her performance it was phenomenal!


  17. Jay

    Are you serious? This was one of the most horrible renditions of this song I have heard. The heavy vibrato is not meant for this song. It sounds as if she has her finger on her throat. I understand being a diehard fan but to honestly say that she killed this song is such an exageration.


  18. greg

    Please stop hating on Mo, she tore that shit up.


  19. Neomobile

    Mo, did it.. It was good… She is so talented!!!


  20. total23

    For A Second There I Got Scared, I Thought It Said That Shannon Brown Is Monica’s Cousin, And Then I’m Like But Shannon Brown Played Her Lover In Her Love All Over Me Video!

    But Then I Read It Again And It Said Monica’s Cousin Is Polow da Don…. I Need Glasses!


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