Video: Usher Shuts Down VMAs


Sliding his way onto the stage, Usher did a double-song performance during the VMAs, performing “DJ Got Us Fallin’ in Love” before hitting a circular dance floor to perform “OMG.” With the lights on the stage matching his dance cues, Ursh tore it up as six lady dancers kept him surrounded. Peep the vid below and prepare to nod your head.

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  1. SupMafarker



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  3. JD

    He sounded a hot mess


  4. Mike

    Is it just me or does Usher just not have “it” anymore? His dancing/choreography was on point but he just didn’t have any stage presence and the performance wasn’t memorable at all.


  5. Better work

    amazing he s still the best haters your mouth we ll be more and more smelly !! ha ha


  6. fi

    awful song and sound but amazing olschool performance!


  7. maxi lopez

    maybe i liked the video better but usher def wasn’t at his best lastnite… good job tho


  8. philly31

    LOVED IT!! Favorite performance..


  9. Nait Phoenix



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  11. vladica07

    I think he did really good!


  12. @Mike

    Usher did a great job; however, it’s not because he does not have “it” anymore — it’s simply because the music he is doing is not what we have grown to know as Usher. And because the music is different, he has different choreographers.

    AJ choreographed this, and he’s made all of these pop moves and crap, which aren’t what Usher is known for. His moves have always been very smooth and natural. Fli knew this as did Mookie, and they incorporated his breakdancing background into the steps, with a hint of MJ flair as far as the sliding goes. He was also doing R&B songs, sometimes infused with a bit of hip hop, but all of his singles up until this era have been heavy R&B/hip hop songs that just happened to crossover.

    If you go watch even the last era… his Dancing With the Stars performance was great dance wise, as was when he did the NFL Kick-Off. (The dude was still doing flips and shit as early as two years ago, and he’s in even better shape now than he was then — he’s always sweated hard & looked winded. Go watch the 2004 BET Performance, & he even lipsynched Confessions on the MTV VMAs in 04). The music was more authentic and true to what we’ve known Usher to be: an R&B star with crossover appeal.

    This shit right here? It ain’t it. They have him doing all these pop moves with exaggerated hand motions and it looks unnatural. Not to mention, the person who styled him.. LV… did not do a proper job. For the types of moves he is doing, his outfit is way too heavy and it weighed him down and aided in making him look slower than what he actually is. When he did OMG at the BMI awards, he looked fine in a simple pair of jeans and a t-shirt & seemed to move with great ease exerting little energy even though he ran up and down that stage. He needs a tailored look — he is small in stature and this outift overwhelmed his frame, and not to mention I’m sure he was hot as hell with that heavy leather hoodie on and all of those lights.

    It’s like being a track star and running in a heavy ass leather warm up. Unless you are trying to sweat off weight, it’s not the best thing to do.


  13. dee

    about the clothes he was wearin u made it seem as though that was the first time usher has performed in heavy gear. but n all actuality he performs in heavy gear a lot of the time. really what he had on really wasn’t that heavy if u really take a good look. he wore something much heavier at the 2010 all star game, he had on this heavy leather body suit and he did plenty of dancing, so i say all of that to say this, the “heavy leather” did not play a negative factor in his performance at the vmas, usher is definitely not new to performing, only true to it, and as for the pop songs usher knows what he’s doing he’s diversifying, he’s making music not only for blacks but also for whites and other race’s to enjoy, he doesnt just want black people to enjoy his music and thats why he is so great. the people that choreographed that performance did great, the lights and everything was fantastic his clothing wasnt probably heavy at all, and if it was usher has been doing this for over 10 years, that crowd at the vmas was into it cuz usher is still dope!


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