Lady Gaga Explains VMA Meat Dress

Lady Gaga

After Ellen DeGeneres presented Lady Gaga with her first award of the night, Gaga returned the favor by stopping by for the season premiere of her talk show following the MTV VMAs, still clad in her controversial meat dress.

Kissing on the lips as they greeted, the pair began by chatting about Gaga’s pre-show jitters. “I was supremely nervous in a way I’ve never been nervous for tonight because I wasn’t performing,” she revealed to Ellen. “I’m not used to just going to accept awards and have my pictures taken. I don’t do that.”

But she wasn’t afraid to make a statement with her beef outfit, which was made up of real meat from a butcher shop. “It’s certainly no disrespect to anyone that’s vegan or vegetarian. As you know, I’m the most judgment-free person on the Earth,” she explained. “However, it has many interpretations, but for me this evening, it’s as if we don’t stand up for what we believe in, if we don’t fight for our rights, pretty soon, we’re going to have as much rights as the meat on our bones. And I am not a piece of meat.”

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  1. @KalebvBlake

    1. I love you Gaga.

    2. If you don’t want to be seen as a piece of meat, maybe the Telephone scene of you climbing cages wasn’t the right strategy, let alone actually wearing meant. You’re my favorite artist point blank period, but stick to the new royalty thing you’re trying. It’s just too easy for all of the blood hungry wolves out here to smell you if you’re dressed as bait.


  2. diego

    How stupid. Seriously , she’s so overrated and her explanations are idiotic. Her music is lame repetitive pop and she thinks she’s this type of goddess from universe. Go back to your life ugly gurl!


  3. Juaoa

    Huh ???? OMG


  4. DrextR



  5. Dillon_68

    I hope her corny ass gets salmonella, lmao.


  6. Alejandro

    Gaga my queen. Ugh I love that girl.

    If most stars had half her brain.


  7. kani k.

    yeah i love gaga but i don’t approve this meat dress thing.


  8. Joyams

    Love her.


  9. sglade

    The most amusing thing about this, is she can pull this off, and remain invincible. Bitch is FIERCE. No other bitch can touch.



    FOLLOW ME iF uR FiERCE!! Stuart_S0FiERCE


  11. Kyle

    I’m still scratching my head on why MTV never asked her to perform last night. You’d think with a record-breaking 13 nominations she would definitely take the stage.


  12. Fallon

    There are plenty of hungry people out there that would kill for the meat she wasted on that dress.


  13. Lisa

    Stop giving this trick the time of day.


  14. Rachel

    She’s friggin loony.


  15. hunter

    ur a loony tune


  16. cierra curns

    mhm i am a fan of lady gaga but i think its honestly stupid for her to waste so much meat when she could have gave it to homeless people or people in need:/


  17. Mo'dante

    Bitch ass gaga!..shez so creative in being it up animal,i kinda find u tym make a fish


  18. monster

    i agree with the fish gown thing lol. but i thought her recent dresses was pretty ok till this. omg meat are you serious? isnt it clammy and uncomfortable and smelly?


  19. Sucka4luv143

    I must agree with DIEGO… Although not a huge fan of GAGA she is one of the most over-rated people out there. She is talented but come on… She is a smart one as well, she is doing this crap, calling it a statement, just to keep her name in the papers and it works. So i give her her props on that one.


  20. lukaz

    poxa aqui no brasil tosos estão falando desse vetido da lady gaga,estão até dizendo q sera criado uma coleção de roupas ispirados nesse tal vestido,mas eu fiquei com dó do eminey que disse que o vestido estava fedendo.


  21. fishgown?

    Gaga is legendary.
    i don’t think that any of you silly haters would have the necessary gut to do anything even slightly “out of norm”
    if you can’t top the meat dress, stfu and do not diss.


  22. Bri

    Gaga is so hilarious with her crazy outfits. lol


  23. bleh

    For those of you who disaprove because of the needy, I say this: if the homeless want food, they should get a job :P
    Which, I know, is hard to do in the economy. But There are also plenty of soup kitchens and homes what will feed them. Their pride just won’t let them go and seek help from them :PP
    I think the dress, while being wasteful of the animal, was actually reall neat looking. I wouldn’t wear it myself, but leave others to their own devices.


  24. Hope

    Wow disgusting lunatic. I would love to skin your bones and throw you over some rich snotty bitches body for her to wear around. because thats ALL YOU ARE and ALL YOU WILL EVER BE a piece of meat. A nasty rotting person thats what you are. you disgust me, I hope you read this at some point in your wasteful hateful life.


  25. Delilah

    Man… I bet she had to soak in a bath for 48 hours to get the meat smell away…


  26. ejamburi

    a lAdY gAgA ring tone that you looked


  27. cmonLexxo

    2norazman1, there a Paparazzi Lady Gaga ring tone you asked


  28. Kay

    lol all the Lady GaGa haters make me laugh, you’re most likely a judgemental ass that HAS to fit in with everyone else. :)

    Sure the meat thing isn’t attractive, but it’s fucked up and she can pull it off so I gotta give her kudos.

    @Diego. The sooner you realize she IS a goddess, the sooner you’ll quit being a judgemental self-absorbed ass.


  29. Lexi

    Gaga is who she is and all of these people out there that comment in a negative way are still commenting which means that good or bad they are perpetuating her stardom. Her music is catchy and fun lyrically her music is not deep but whatever not all music needs to be. Music is to listen to and have fun not to look for freaking messages of depth and meaning all of the time. I say love her music for what it is. She is a very talented artist with a flare for the dramatic and is not sticking to norms. I think it takes a lot of guts, personality and individuality to produce your own style and not alter herself to what the indiustry wants her to be. I am the first to admit the the dress was more than a little weird and more than a little disturbing but its not the first nor last time that an artist does something controversial for the sake of sending a message. My respects to you Gaga!


  30. Donna

    There is nothing even remotely normal about this! Its just simply wrong. end of…..


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