Trey Songz to Tour with Usher

Trey Songz and Usher

After teasing fans with rumors of a tour with Chris Brown (and said rumors were subsequently put to rest), Usher has settled on a supporting act for his “OMG Tour.” Last night at the VMAs, Trey Songz announced that he would be joining Ursh on the road.

“It’s an absolute honor for myself to go on tour with him this fall,” said Songz while introducing Usher’s futuristic performance of “DJ Got Us Fallin’ in Love” and “OMG” with Ke$ha.

Mr. Raymond was rumored to hit the road with labelmate Chris Brown before the “Deuces” singer squashed all the talk. “At first we was talking about it, but I think maybe it’s something in the future,” he said. “But right now, I’m gonna do the whole Chris Breezy thing.”

Usher’s “OMG Tour” kicks off Nov. 10 at Seattle’s KeyArena and is scheduled to conclude in December. It is currently unknown whether Trey Songz will appear on all dates. Click here for an itinerary.

Songz’ own “Passion, Pain & Pleasure Tour” with Monica is set to wrap this week in New York City. This would be his third tour of the year, following a stint on Jay-Z’s “Blueprint 3” outing.

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  1. anthonyy

    Trey songz doesnt fit with the dancy type tour ushers trying to have he should take a break from touring for a sec and promote the album more


  2. Gigi

    Usher is nothing more than a Michael Jackson wannabe. He copys MJ’s moves night in and night out.


  3. Nicole

    not interested in seeing Trey why Usher didn’t pick Chris Breezy.Trey songz is annoying


  4. 'MEEF 'MEEF

    omd yeahhh bwooii!! this just made ma day!! :D xx <3


  5. Ankka

    anything is better than that woman beater of a Flop!!


  6. WhatTheF



  7. JD

    You breezy stans madd huh?


  8. Jennyraww

    Anthony && Nicole stop being such haters…..



    @ Ankka I disagree. Usher & Chris would have made a perfect duo. Physical or mental abuse is wrong, and Usher is as much an abuser as Chris. Usher has long been a womanizer so he and Chris are a match made in entertainment heaven. Trey Songz is overrated.


  10. ...

    @ Ankka, you worry more about Chris than anybody I know, even on Usher’s post, get help stalker…its obvious all you do is eat, sleep, and shit CB, you have issues and you need help. @ JD, CB doesn’t have anything to do with this, I think you are the one that’s mad, you can’t spell.


  11. Tony

    Usher has never beat a woman. Being with a lot of women is not abusing them and Usher is no Michael Jackson wannabe. He has his own dance moves, swagg, and talent. Michael Jackson is dead. GET OVER IT. USHER IS THE KING OF POP AND R&B NOW.


  12. dollars$$$

    Why are yall still harping on this Chris/Rihanna situation, let it go! I don’t think the article was ment to bring that up concerning Chris. Usher & Trey are going to tour together, that’s the information that should be taken from the article. Aw @ Tony, being with alot of women is abusing them, specially when you are playing around with their hearts, not only that, you are abusing your own body, specially when you don’t know where the hell all these women have been. And CB is not an MJ wonnabe, he idolized MJ just as Usher, anything to hate on CB, get over it and get over yourself.


  13. mac

    The last time I checked, it is only ONE KING OF POP, and he is dead, MJ God rest his soul. CB nor Usher is trying to be like MJ, they both admired him, not to mention, he was both their idols. Rather it be Chris or Trey on tour with Usher, it would have been good. All three are very talented and don’t have anything against each other. Stop trying to make something out of nothing, this hate for CB is ridiculous and has gotten old…move the hell on!


  14. jeanelle derocher

    umm why yall hatin on trey songz, chris brown anit bout nothing …..get real its all bout trey -nelle


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