Willow Smith Nervous About Meeting Jay-Z

Willow Smith

Roc Nation’s newest signee Willow Smith made a recent radio visit to Power 106′s “Big Boy’s Neighborhood” to discuss how she became interested in the music industry and her breakout single “Whip My Hair.”

“‘Whip My Hair’ is [about not being] afraid to be an individual, no matter what anyone says,” explained Willow. “Be free, that’s pretty much what it says.”

The nine-year-old daughter of Will and Jada Pinkett Smith shared how watching her pops record sparked her desire to sing and how nervous she was about meeting her new boss Jay-Z (“He’s a really fun guy, I really like him”).

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  1. ...

    if you can’t write your name in cursive on a record contract, you shouldn’t be in the music industry.


  2. Sham

    I learned cursive when I was 6 so I’m guessing I could’ve signed a contract…LOL!!

    Cursive or not, she’s a minor so whatever she gets into, professionally, her parents will make the decisions for her. Her song is cute and she already sounds 10 times better than the person everyone is comparing her to.


  3. snp

    Talent is talent even if you have no hands!


  4. love

    Yall need to jusx hush let her do wat she do dang dont nodody tell you how to run ur life!!


  5. Nait Phoenix

    Are you hearing this?! She is too grown for nine. I love her.



    Has anyone actually noticed? I don’t even think Will and Jada have noticed.. this girl is 9 YEARS OLD!! Give her a childhood for godsake. Can’t they learn from the mistakes of MJ’s parents?

    I mean I applaud Willow for how smart and confident she is, as I’ve said before she’s beautiful inside and out and obviously has talent, but she shouldn’t be pushed this hard to get into the music industry. Her parents should have waited until she was at least 14.

    I hope Willow becomes a huge superstar like Justin Bieber and her song is really good, very catchy, but I just think she’s too young to start working.


  7. kanyeissoilluminated

    omg already talkin like a grown up shes gonna be big


  8. KNUCK

    I mean, she was basically a celeb already.. normalcy is out the window. If the child WANTED to sing then who are her parents to say wait until your mid teens? That’s crazy. Sounds like Lauryn Hill
    s story on Sister Act. Not as drastic, but you still can’t kill someone’s dream like that. And it’s not like Willow is in school and can even be in choir, band, etc.

    I see where there can be a destructive side, but nobody knows the future. let her go.


  9. Malaika Brown

    The Smiths are not the Jacksons. I believe that Will and Jada have looked at past failures of other parents of showbiz kids. Also, they are in the industry and know firsthand what goes on. Willow couldn’t be in better hands.


  10. Janeen

    I think she has the best parents to guide her , they have done a good job with her brother and I don’t think they pushed any of the kids in the business. Entertainment is the family business its the same thing if they had restaurants the kids would maybe start by cleaning up , sweeping floors etc


  11. Ted

    I agree in that she seem to be wanting it all on her own. I watched the family on Oprah and I love how they encourage and guide their children to purpose what makes them happy. I think this is how life should be because so many times people force childre to do what they don’t want to do. The older son said show biz isnt for him yet and he is a football star at his school, which they support also. When they were filming the karate in China Will flew home ever weekend to see his son’s game, that is an awesome parent to me. I think Willow will do great things and she will be ok.


  12. Ciara Fan

    shes cute


  13. Vantrell

    Ya’ll need to stop tripping if this what she really want to do her parent got her back 100% Think about it Will started during his last years of high school and look at him now my thing is this whatever this kids dreams are they gonna do what they can to make it


  14. From Tokyo

    I agree with the smart, rational people on this post. Let HER parents raise her – it’s not for US to raise her, and I would think they know what they’re doing, as opposed to people who don’t even know them who are passing judgment. Children have hobbies, too, and even if that hobby can generate money I would like to think her PARENTS are certainly smart enough to know how to keep it at that level. She was going to be famous anyway and I haven’t see any complaints about children acting, ESPECIALLY if they grow up in the business and it’s their choice to do it. For real, though.


  15. From Tokyo

    *haven’t “seen”, I meant.


  16. The Truth

    Ok to the people that are judging Willow starting at a young age, she was not forced to do so it was her choice and she is following her dream. its not like Will and Jada said, “Were gonna put u in the music business and u have no choice”. Cmon now. At 9 years old Willow is smart enough to know what she wants shes more inteligent than any average kid her age. Shes gonna be just fine.


  17. amaman

    really i love the will’s family, all of’em are just filled with some creative talents….am a fan of will and i’m automatically a fan of the family, so if lil willow says she wanna sing and she’s bringing out good music for her age, i dont think she needs anything more than encouragement(s) and not discouragement…..bring it on gurl..the whole world is watching out for you


  18. Royal prestige

    All of you Haten on this little girl stop it…Ya’ll just mad cause it’s her and not you that jay-z signed…The truth is thats what happens to little kids when their parent are there for them and back them up…There have been alot of talented kids that get mixed up in drugs and stuff..Usually because their parents arent doing their jobs but living off of there kids income…She has two very talented parents..Who believe in their kids and never forced acting or singing on them but made them want to be like them..That is what a rolemodel consists of..And most parents in this country should try living through their example..I say this country because the truth is parents all over the world instill this kind of love and support to their kids..It’s here in the usa that parents just expect the kids to help with the bills rather than try to make the best for them…


  19. greg

    i so much will support her. Why? she’s 9 and I have a lil sister around that age and she don’t need to be listening to the music that we are listening to. That’s why kids are grown and fast these days because of the music, videos and parents so this would be really good music for kids her age. Instead of this booty and sex music they hear everyday. smh at some of yall. Just let the girl shine. You learn from your mistakes so let the Smith family learn from theirs.


  20. Reality

    I wish my parents were famous then I could get a record deal. She is nine. Creative?? No. Produced and Marketed?? Yes.


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