Trailer: Janet Jackson Stars in Tyler Perry’s ‘For Colored Girls’

Janet Jackson

Tyler Perry returns with the dramatic trailer for his upcoming drama For Colored Girls, featuring an all-star cast including Janet Jackson, Whoopi Goldberg, Anika Noni Rose, Macy Gray, and a host of others.

The sneak peek, which includes a voiceover from Janet, gives a brief look at the film adaptation of the 1975 stage play that focuses on seven women who discuss their battles with love, abandonment, and domestic violence.

The flick was moved up from a January 2011 release to November 5 in order to receive a push for the Oscars.

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  1. myke757

    Looks great but sometimes previews can be deceiving…but I pray this isnt cuz all of these women are incredible.


  2. M!ke

    Somebdy about to win an Oscar!


  3. ...

    this looks wonderful. i really enjoyed the play it’s based on, so here’s hoping the movie does it justice.


  4. Baron

    I’m really interested to see how all of these talented women are going to get enough screen time. This looks like a quality production.


  5. philly31

    This looks soooooooo good. So much talent that white Hollywood underappreciates. I know I’m going to see it…


  6. Dawo

    Looks Good OMG :) Cant waitttttttttt


  7. theresa_keys



  8. From Tokyo

    I like what I’ve seem from this so far, and I too really hope that this movie will be great and do well at the box office so that (for the people who haven’t realized it yet) it can be shown that black women can sell movie tickets. I hope it does well!!!


  9. kimmy

    I know this will be at least interesting. Nice to see this great ensemble cast. Go for it Tyler! We can only hope for an Oscar nomination.


  10. MuzikJUNKY



  11. Rachel

    Looks really good. Love Janet and Thandie, I never knew Whoopi was gonna be in this too.


  12. Rafaiah

    can’t wait. mariah should have done it instead of thandie (no disrespect for her)


  13. damn

    hmmm…and why was mariah in it anyways?

    she’s not on a league of acting as the other girls one

    two everyone is black…and mariah…well she isnt lol

    so im glad shes not =) go take care of yo baby chick!


  14. Carmen

    cant wait to see this and I hope he wins that oscar-it will be well deserved


  15. cash

    @Damn; you sound ignorant and uneducated, for one, She IS black, and secondly, She gained critical acclaim for her role in Precious. Next time you go making frivolous statements, know your facts. Anyway, can’t wait to see this! I adore Loretta Devine.


  16. OOPS

    well umm i ddnt know mariah carey was black… well if she is then julia roberts n angelina jolie could call themselves black. no offense but lets call a spade a spade. U R OR U R NOT. its a fact


  17. Hmm


    Mariah didn’t garner any critical acclaim for her little role. Gabourey Sidibe and Monique did. Mariah is a horrible and thank God she was replaced with the beautiful and talented Thandie.


  18. Hmm



  19. Nait Phoenix

    I’m a huge fan of Janet’s and I believe this might be the role I’ve always wanted to see her play, but I feel that I’ll love this movie more because of the many beautiful and talented women representing who they are and what it means to be a “colored girl”. For what it’s worth, this film looks like it should be Oscar-nominated and seen by EVERYONE!!!


  20. Orville

    I personally don’t care about the Oscars. Why do black people continue to seek white validation? The point is, I am just happy that Ms. Shange’s play about the black female experience will REACH a wider audience. I am hopeful that black youth will watch the movie and I want to see how Janet Jackson does in this movie. I know people attack Tyler Perry BUT at least this black man is giving talented black women leading roles when white Hollywood tends to ignore them.


  21. Tammy Cramlett

    Looks like someone is going to rake up in awards!!!!!


  22. TheRealest

    Umm Mariah is mixed so she’s considered to be black. Fact. Been that since day one. It’s a shame that she’s been in the game for 20 years and people still can’t get over her skin color. Obviously they WANTED her in the movie if Tyler asked her to do it.

    And Mariah got tons of critial acclaim for her small role in “Precious”. Don’t be stupid now.


  23. Jay



  24. Ryan

    This looks great, I hope this comes out in the UK, and does better than Why did I get married too, which is still ment to be in cinema’s yet no one is showing it !!
    Would have loved a Janet and Mariah collaboration for the soundtrack but oh well it will be a great movie regardless, I’m sure.


  25. Leticia Zeidan

    Janet Jackson, perfect !
    I love you so much my angel …
    Janet Forever … Brazil !!


  26. friki

    janet looks gorgeous in the picture!! beautiful indeed with short hair!!!!


  27. W. Marie

    Looks like a great movie. Tyler deserves an Oscar. He has been doing an awesome job. A lot of my favorite female actresses or in this one, except Lisa Raye, would have liked to see her in this movie also. Can’t wait!!


  28. W. Marie

    Mariah is just starting in “acting” I was just reading the other comments posted; and my take on that is – everyone has a starting point. Stop hating people.


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