Director of Willow Smith’s ‘Whip My Hair’ Hopes Video Will Inspire Others

Willow Smith and Ray Kay

Willow Smith already has everyone whipping their hair and now she will go in front of the lens to provide the visuals to her girl power anthem. The nine-year-old daughter of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith is preparing to shoot her first music video next week.

Ray Kay, the man behind Lady Gaga’s “Poker Face” and Justin Bieber’s “Baby,” has been tapped to direct Willow’s debut video for “Whip My Hair.” The clip will be filmed early next week in Los Angeles.

“I’m very excited to work with such a unique artist as Willow, and I’m happy to help present her to the world as a new and fresh artist,” Ray Kay told of Jay-Z’s Roc Nation signee, who took the Internet by storm with her single. “I’m also really happy to be involved with a project that has such a positive message as this one, and I’m certain people that are watching the video will feel inspired to develop their own individuality and freedom and express their own art after seeing Willow in this video.”

The shoot won’t be easy, but it shouldn’t be a problem for the singer, who was born into a showbiz family. “We are shooting two days, and it’s a complex shoot,” added the director. “It’ll require a lot from Willow, but she’s incredibly talented and has an amazing personality, so I’m confident she’ll kill it in front of the camera. She’s a star.”

Willow has been receiving lots of support from her peers, who had nothing but good things to say about her when Rap-Up TV caught up with them recently.

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  1. Will

    I knew Ray Kay would direct the video hes gonna make her a star by bringing the visual to that song to life. Cant wait to see it.


  2. From Tokyo

    Can’t wait to see it. Hope it’s good!


  3. hearts

    SORRY BUT SHE IS 9. let the girl go to school and be normal. the song was obviously powered by the producer and could be done by any tune-carrying 9yr old. this is bullshit and an effort to produce another (sigh) miley. its child exploitation.

    record dead??? master jumprope or win a spelling B first.



  4. miss_lady

    i dont like when ppl think willow isnt doing it because she is forced.. umm her parents are rich its not for money. she is singing because its fun or she might just want to do that for herself. she can make her own choices.. she wasnt forced to cut her hair, she did that on her own… and she can do the school and sing, like so many young artist are doing. do ya thang girl..cant wait for the video!


  5. drtash

    yeah I remember a time when JOJO got signed at 12 years old and everybody said she was too young and blablabla, and she came out fine. Just as long as will and jada know what they’re getting their kids into then so be it.


  6. Lolsmileyface


    Um….have you heard anything the girl has said?
    She wants to be star.
    It’s not like they need money anyway.
    She probably could stay at home and be tutored all day, but I guess she’d rather rap & live it up!
    Wouldn’t you?


  7. Kerri

    oh my! she looks so cute in this picture. honestly didn’t know it was her until i read the headline!

    if Jaden can act and do well in school then Willow can sing and still do child like things and go to school. it’s all about balance and i’m positive they’re parents are keeping everything in check. there’s no need to stifle their childrens’ creativity and/or dream when they have the capacity to offer them a plethora of resources.

    everyone knows this family can’t be “normal”.. all their kids are talented. they go to movie premieres for Heaven’s sake.


  8. tifanyy



  9. miss k

    the kid is cute,n i wish her all the luck…kill bby gal…u pple stop hatin………..


  10. miss k

    this pic is so cute….it brings tears to my eyes….i loove the kid…gud luck baby gal


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