New Music: Consequence f/ Ameriie – ‘Got Me Trippin”

Consequence and Ameriie

Consequence gets busy on his new joint “Got Me Trippin’,” produced by his cousin Q-Tip and boasting a sample from Ameriie’s hit “1 Thing.” With the high-potent sample flipped into a creamy hip-hop confection, Cons looks inward as he copes with romantic afflictions, speaking to his girl and assuring her that he’s been faithful. Listen to the joint, which comes off his sophomore album Cons TV, and coast into the weekend to the smooth sounds of G.O.O.D. Music.

Download: Consequence f/ Ameriie – “Got Me Trippin’”

Audio via YouHeardThatNew

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  1. tell'em

    Smooth… I like it. I wish Amerie was actually on the record though. As opposed to them just sampling the “1 Thing” hook.


  2. djmcc28

    i hope this isn’t the G.O.O.D Friday song


  3. OK...

    I think the song would song better withOUT the sampling. I like Rap-Up, for the most part, because they give new artists and new music a shot. Thank you for that.

    ((Rap-Up really loves some Amerie – she must have some relatives on the payroll. But Amerie is a HAS BEEN, a “1 Thing”- hit wonder.

    Amerie needs to ride “1 Thing” until the wheels fall off, because baby girl technically can sing, she just sounds God-awful. She really needs to reconsider this singing foolishness.))


  4. Phoenix_Wright

    get out… LEAVE..right now(jojo song). don’t go disrespecting wifey.

    I don’t like the sample. I wish he would have got into the studio and made a hot hook with her.


  5. fi


    listen girl
    you probably have one or two ashanti albums on your Old school 5 years old Ipod
    so sit down and let the grown ups talk
    ok? S.I.T. D.O.W.N.
    it is not ameriies fault that youe messed up generation listens to songs instead of albums.
    On every single album she has released , she has at least 5 tracks that blow away all her contemporaries
    besides the fact that she is the full package she is very hard working and has the stamina of a marathon runner
    she releases record after record with visionaries and sounds fresh on every record
    if people like you do not get it i am fine
    you can go and buy beyonce!


  6. D.I

    Wellfor a “has-been” you sure are writing some essay on her.
    Just because she hasn’t seen the success of “1 Thing” time and time again doesn’t mean she’s a bad artist.
    Some of the best music come from the artists who aren’t popular.
    As for her voice…. I suggest you listen to her 1st 2 albums before you call her voice “God Awful”
    Because she def has a better voice than some of these overated acts today.


  7. Kev

    Co-sign with Fi! This song is decent. I as well would have preferred a real collaboration between the two. Actually I would love for Amerie to work with Kanye West, I was just thinking of that yesterday. Amerie is the hardest working woman in R&B and she never sweats some haters! Go head baby.


  8. Wesley

    Amerie is way better than those overrated bitches.
    She has it all: Voice, Dance, Good performances. She just needs te rigth support. Amerie is way prettier than Beyonce. Amerie is a woman full of Soul and real music that explains most situations in real life, not that dumb pop shit of Beyonce or Lady Gaga.


  9. Tracey

    I do think the sampling doesn’t quite fit into the song. While I do think Ameriie is gorgeous, she struggles with voice, dance and performances. I just don’t think the music industry is quite right for her. And no, I am not a fan of any of those overrated gimmicks which were mentioned above – NONE of them!!


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