New Music: Shontelle f/ Asher Roth – ‘DJ Made Me Do It’

Shontelle and Asher Roth

Shontelle blames it on the DJ on the aptly-titled “DJ Made Me Do It” from her sophomore album No Gravity, landing next Tuesday. Though the previously leaked version of the track was carried by only the Barbadian songstress, the LP cut features none other than Asher Roth who stops by to add a sweet 16 to the effervescent club jam, originally recorded by duo Nina Sky and penned by The Smeezingtons and Jackie Boyz.

“We just wanted to do something fun with a house feel, and that’s the song that came out,” Nina Sky previously told “We love the record, it’s dope.” Listen below and get in the Friday night mindset.

Download: Shontelle f/ Asher Roth – “DJ Made Me Do It”

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  1. WhatTheF

    Her album is freakin good! I’m buyin it Tuesday!


  2. tell'em

    This is pretty cool. It reminds me of Estelle’s “American Boy”. I hope she does well, “Impossible” was a smash.



    Wow, I Think Somebody Hacked @WhatTheF


  4. harvey

    I’am fuckinn Copping No Gravity.Next tuesday who’s with me.


  5. harvey

    This track is fuckin FIIRE…I hope its the 3rd single.its so dope I love it;)…everybody make No Gravity #1 yall.


  6. Lisa

    they kinda copied american boy but great song


  7. Kyle

    I like this song a lot and it’s interesting that she put Asher on it. It’s an odd pairing but it works. I don’t think it sounds too much like “American Boy.”


  8. king

    Rihanna and Shontelle is going to take ova the game so ppl need to stop hating on the island girls and jus let dem rock


  9. king

    look out for rihanna in november and shontelle dis month


  10. tifanyy

    what rihanna?????? pffff seriously don’t speak, rihanna is nothing:!!!!!! anyway, i remember “she don’t want a man” with the queen of rnb colaborations (yeah this is a new tittle of honor!! ^^”) miss keri baby!! it was waouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuw better dat some of all those shit we heard at the radio now


  11. king

    miss keri is a flop


  12. king

    rihanna is way beter than keri keri is shit


  13. king

    miss keri baby is shit shit and rihanna and shontelle is the best


  14. king

    the 2 island girls is taking ova


  15. king

    ppl look out fo rihanna and shontelle


  16. king

    keri never had a number one hit


  17. Melly

    dont compare ANYONE TO SKERI FLOPSON please…


  18. listen

    shontelle and asher are label mates which may explain the collaboration.


  19. QUEENA

    go white boi!!!!!


  20. Maria

    Nina Sky’s version is better!


  21. Fan Ov A Fan

    … its aiite
    impossible was better though


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