On the Scene: Kanye & Gwen Stefani, Foxy Brown, Ciara, Brandy, Aubrey O’Day, Melody Thornton

Kanye West and Gwen Stefani

The swagger was on a hundred, thousand, trillion when Kanye West met up with Gwen Stefani at the after-party for the No Doubt singer’s L.A.M.B. show, closing out Fashion Week. According to IvyGate, Kanye has been receiving fashion tips from Yale sophomore Cassius Marcellus Cornelius Clay, who he first met after complementing his shoes at Barneys one day. The 20-year-old hipster traveled with him to New York for Fashion Week and remains in his inner circle.

Foxy Brown

Foxy Brown hit the hot spot at the Incubator show, performing in front of fashion mavens including Diane von Furstenberg and Vogue‘s André Leon Talley, who wasn’t too pleased when she got up close.


Ciara was introduced to her Grammy family at the Atlanta Chapter’s Anatomy of a Hit panel discussion in her hometown.


Brandy got dolled up for Macy’s Glamorama at the Orpheum Theatre in Los Angeles. The “Dancing with the Stars” contestant is already considered a frontrunner on the show, which premieres next week.

Aubrey O'Day

Aubrey O’Day found time to attend the Glamorama in between recording her solo album and taping her Oxygen reality show, “The Aubrey O’Day Project.”

Melody Thornton

Melody Thornton was sexy in the city at Gwen Stefani’s L.A.M.B. after-party. The former Pussycat Doll is making a conscious effort to keep the fashion police from coming after her. “I need to stop ending up on the worst dressed list… I just hate to be plain tho!!” she tweeted.

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  1. Stacy

    Ciara looks pretty


  2. JD

    They all look beautiful!


  3. keY

    foxy looks like a gargouille lol


  4. Lil CiCi



  5. FoxBrownDivo

    Foxy is still irreplaceable and for all you K-E-Y haters just fallback, here let me turn you down a little.Fox became the “CATWALK” @ fifteen with CalvinKlein posters plastered all over TIMESSQUARE!Not to mention a wealthy, business women and music personality.Natural Born Killers-from da “Cradle to da Grave”!


  6. Phoenix_Wright

    Kanye looking fly. Gwen, Ciara, and Foxy….eh

    Now BRANDY….she looking sexy as hell in that pic. And Aubrey is busting out O__O….I will be watching her show if her body is looking like that =)


  7. g3

    Ciara looks nice brandy looks cute ugly legs tho eww


  8. Oso_jo_ro

    GWEN!!!! <3 the queen
    can't wait for Aubrey's solo album
    and I love CiCi,Kanye,Brandy
    love all these in the pics!


  9. JayRide

    @Phoenix_Wright trick please ciara lookin waay betta dn brandy ..i dnt think brandy ever looks good her lace cap is always nappy and a hot mess ciara is he most wanted female r and b artist in fashion right now #JustSying no shade to brandy thoe i love her songs


  10. Migrator

    Gwen needs to make a comeback asap and destroy that bitch called Lady Caca.


  11. Ankka

    @ Migrator: YES YES YES!! Preach!!!


  12. danisha

    Brandy looks good, and I dont think Ciara looks better then her, Brandy had Beautiful features, they are both beautiful.


  13. danisha

    I mean brandy has not had LOL… anyways theya ll look great all but Foxy… smh


  14. JhuntdaProdigy

    My nigga Kanye coming out all fresh on em, all the ladies look good, especially Aubrey’s bustier lol, but Foxy…………


  15. Phoenix_Wright

    @ JayRide

    But Ciara has on a dusty rag on in this pic. She has her good outfits and this just NOT one of them. Brandy lace hairline thing (not into girl hair products so >_>) looks fine in this. If C woulda had on what B had then yea it would have been a great pic #juststatingfacts =)

    And how did Rap-up add Melody late! she wasn’t there earlier(I think). NOW MELODY SHUT EVERY1 DOWN IN THAT PIC! lol


  16. juicyBear

    alright miss Brandy! cute.com


  17. MB92

    Omg Brandy no that’s a nice outfit but its not for her, and she needs some meat on her bones IMO she’s not pretty that size o.O


  18. chris

    kanye west is a devil lover and he is going to hell foxy brown is ugly brandy is verry ugly and ciara is sexy dats my wife .


  19. supermanforever

    The ony person worth wild in this post is BRANDY and kanye


  20. ponyo

    i hope foxy gets it together i am not a fan but i hate to see her like this…foxy u better than this #teamlilkim


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