Chris Brown Announces New Album Title

Chris Brown

Chris Brown got back in a pop state of mind with his club-friendly jam “Yeah 3x,” but that’s only the tip of the iceberg. C. Breezy took over the airwaves to announce his upcoming album title and update listeners on its progress.

“I’m putting out singles a lot right now, so everything’s coming together,” he revealed on Austin, Texas, radio station 102.3 The Beat. “But I’m definitely going to say this and plug it quick. The name of my album is F.A.M.E., so make sure you check it out.”

The 21-year-old singer’s fourth album title stands for “Forgiving All My Enemies,” the acronym that he got tattooed on his arm this past July. He recently released a snippet of the DJ Frank E-produced “Yeah 3x,” which will be unveiled in full within the next week.

“I got a couple things coming to y’all in the future. I’ve got the new records coming out. I’ve got one called ‘Yeah 3x.’ It’s self-explanatory, you can probably hear it on YouTube right now, but we gon’ put it out to y’all in a couple more days or something like that,” he said. “Also, we got a record called ‘Calypso.’ I got a couple other things. So I’m trying to get everything together, figure out what I’mma do with the album.”

Brown has been hard at work in the studio, collaborating with singer-songwriter Kevin McCall, who penned his hit single “Deuces” as well as forthcoming album cuts “Rest of My Life” and the country-tinged “Another You.”

“I write and collab with Chris. Awesome writer. Vibe off his energy a lot. We got a lot of records to get out,” McCall told Rap-Up TV, noting that he also penned a slow jam with Chris and Tank for Keri Hilson’s sophomore project No Boys Allowed.

In the meantime, fans can get a taste of some new Breezy by checking out his contributions to Nelly’s 5.0 album, due Nov. 16. “He gon’ have a great album,” stated Chris. “I worked with him on a couple of joints, me and Polow Da Don.”

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  1. A Realist

    He just messed up his pretty arms with all the damn tattoos.


  2. John

    I like yeah 3x. Hopefully This album will be better than the dissapointing graffiti.


  3. geenie bell

    i like the title but would’ve LOVED it if it wasnt so much like gaga’s THE FAME…but hey…


  4. WhatchaSayin'

    Album title is too similar to GaGa’s The Fame. Hate waht he’s done to his body. Now I like tatooes but his arms are covered in them! Dont really like Yeah 3x (how do u even say it). Im not a hater. I BOUGHT his 3 albums and have both mixtapes but I hate how every artist nowadays are heading into pop/dance. Go back to R&B please Chris. Seems only Trey is keepin it reAL.


  5. Yolanda

    Wish the title wasn’t still relvant to the past, hopefully this will be a more upbeat album. and yes he needs to get back to the R&B. I miss his arms being bare. they were really sexy.


  6. SandeePB

    Chris Brown is a gifted, talented, HOT artist that’s gonna be around for a very very long time :) He’s really good at putting out great tunes, beats, lyrics, everything :) I wish him continued success always :)


  7. SandeePB

    Keep doing you Chris. Only look back at all the great things you’ve done thus far :)


  8. JNash

    I dont get why him and rihanna are always release stuff at the same time. anyway am looking forward to the album. i love all 3 that hes done so far.


  9. ellis

    i can see the title of the album is very personal.forgiven all my enemies.a nice one


  10. mari

    i love the title ………..go chris………i love you


  11. Ankka

    FAME = what Maurice doesn’t have since 2007


  12. Daire

    Hes just tryin 2 please his female fans with this album so it will probably not chart 2 well unless he has sumtin 4 his male fans as well and he will need 2 get some big artists on the album


  13. debbie

    i agree with WhatchaSayin’


  14. JD

    Did he really have to go so far as to get it tattooed on him? Me and Chris are the same age and I only have 2 tats and plan on getting 1 more. But whatever we all live and learn…could have been a lil more creative with the title. The last thing he needs is to be compared with lady gaga like the rest of the world.


  15. Hold up!

    Dope. I’m def coppin it when it drops.


  16. WhatTheF

    Forgiving his enemies? LMAO! He’s the one that needs forgiveness and it’s fault that he has “enemies” in the first place…



  17. tifanyy

    cool he’s a gift from the god of talent (does he exist???) lol . souriously, his 3 album CHRIS BROWN, EXCULSIVE FOREVER EDITION and GRAFFITI was the beeeeeest nobody can got his talent he’s a little genius!! love the way he know how to drive the music, the dance and his veru very good career . he’s really an exmanple!! and like Ali G used to say: keep it real!!!!!!!!!!!!


  18. king

    rihanna and chris is goin to take ova so stop hating on dem



    Who Said That All His Songs Are Going To Be Electro Pop.


  20. Sweetnam

    I can’t wait for the joint With Nelly And Breezy sounds like its going to be good!


  21. Random

    Chris Brown + Nelly = Fukin Good Callabo


  22. Nait Phoenix

    After hearing “Yeah 3x”, I’m not hyped. After hearing the name title, I’M SO HYPED!!! Let this be the album I’ve been waiting for from Chris.

    P.S. “sounds like Gaga’s ‘The Fame’” rly? Did Gaga invent the word?


  23. let's be real

    Chris Brown is a tattoo-head. He’s an artistic person with singing,dancing, writing, and he loves graffiti (Tagging and named his album that) and cartoons so I understand why he’s into tattoos though. It’s a lot , he won’t get them on his face and suprisingly he has none on his back.

    “Yeah 3x” is cool, but I didn’t like “Forever” too much so it’s obviously not my style, but he’s releasing an urban /r&b single at the same time so that’s satisfying.

    And lookin at the interview…-sigh- he’s so country , lol.


  24. Nicky





  25. ...

    @ Ankka and WhatTheF, yall are truly some hating ass stalkers, which lets everyone else no, yall eat, sleep, and shit CB. I like the title of his up and coming album and what it stands for. He has been forgiven by the individual that counts, you, @ Ankka and the rest of the haters that serves no purpose in this world, don’t count at all. Yall are some garbage ass people who I’m sure don’t have a pot to piss in and a window to throw it out.


  26. 4Real

    I like F.A.M.E – ‘Forgiving All My Enemies’ it’s a nice title. ps…. He can also call choose to call it ‘Feel All My Energy/Emotions’, ‘F*** All My Enemies’ or ‘Fans Are My Everything.’

    Also Gaga wasn’t the first person to have FAME titled album. You young people need to go do your research.


  27. ponyo

    chris brown please stop trying to compete with ya ex….u need to let it go..this album better be good ..also do u realize wht ya title is u can’t do better than that


  28. tee

    i see the haters have come out lol
    get a life,stop hatin


  29. manny man

    Ok, @ ponyo, how is he trying to compete with rihanna? Yall are the ones that seems as though yall is trying to prove something while constantly bringing her up on his posts. Yet yall claim to be such fans of hers, but, yall ride chris’s dick all the damn time. The only thing that is flopping here is the fact yall haters are some crazed individuals who is probably flopping in yall’s own lame ass lives. @ … i agree with you 100%. CB, this is one bro that is rooting for you & understand the reason behind the title and what it stands for.


  30. arie

    How is he trying to compete with Rihanna? If you let you haters tell it, every artisy on Rap Up is trying to compete with her. If anybody needs to let it go, it’s you haters, you people need to get some lives, I am sure hating is not paying the bills. CB, love the title to the up and coming album, and the meaning behind it.


  31. FAME

    can’t wait for the album!!! I like both his pop and r&b songs so he can do no harm. it’s gonna be a great year for cb…let him be GREAT!


  32. max

    3x is gonna be on top of billboard charts…. WHOEVER DOESNT LIKE HAS BAD TASTE IN MUSIC


  33. king

    rihanna and chris is the best to and goin take bak the game rihanna i know she is coming for blood now say good bye to that bitch gaga


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  35. capcom

    chris brown is a woman beater and this album is going to FLOP.


  36. JD

    No one ever said lady gaga invented the word “fame” dumbfuxx. He WILL still get compared to her. he needs to get a diploma instead of begging people for forgiveness all the time he’s pathetic.


  37. king

    gaga is bitch and she need to go hell she is the devil work


  38. king

    and gaga is a devil and u still like her chris is better dan her


  39. Eirlex

    shouldnt have used the acronym …. the word Fame is synominous Lady Gaga………


  40. Chris Brown Announces New Album Title »

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  41. Carmen

    I cant get into that 3 x yea track but I wish artist would think about there album titles more carefully. I feel the title should represent the overall theme of the album. If its titled forgiving all of my enemies that means his songs should center around that and the 3 x yea just doesnt fit the bill in my opinion


  42. Ike moore

    I hope his album does better than his last one, and it is promoted well and that record stores actually put it on the racks!!


  43. Faye

    Lady Gaga much?? He might as well just call it “Forgiving all my enemies”, long but I’ve definitely seen longer.


  44. Bri

    One day when Chris gets old and saggy, he is definitely gonna want to get all that shit removed from his arms. Yeah, he should just stick with R&B where he could be reigning along side Usher and Trey. In terms of pop, there is already too much male competition with Justin Bieber, Jaysun Derulo, Jaysean, Taio Cruz, etc.and those pop fans are not gonna buy his album. So why bother.


  45. tifanyy

    best album of 2011 friends!! wait! graffiti was awesome and original and just base on very good music and magic music
    , exclusive was the best rnb album i’ve ever heard… so this gonna bo cool and original and talented..FOR RESUME : chris brown


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  47. Judy Smith

    I love all of your music. I could not get into Graffiti at first when I purchased it. Yes, I actually bought your albums with money. No downloading or burning it. I paid for it. Anyway, after I heard it being played, I love it just like all the other ones. Stay away from the Illuminati people. Don’t sell your soul to the devil. It’s not worth. Don’t be a sacrificer.


  48. Kriasy

    I like the title of the new album i will not wait 2 hear it


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