Mariah Carey Unwraps Christmas Album Cover, First Single

Merry Christmas II You

It may only be September, but Mariah Carey is getting in the holiday spirit. The pop diva has revealed the festive artwork and select song titles from the sequel to her holiday album.

The new collection of seasonal tunes is titled Merry Christmas II You and arrives Nov. 2, as first reported. The II represents the follow-up to 1994′s multi-platinum Merry Christmas album, which spawned the now-classic “All I Want for Christmas Is You.”

Mariah’s official website has unveiled the official cover artwork shot earlier this year by famed photographer David LaChapelle. The Grammy-winning songstress dons her Santa outfit from her 1994 album, and is pictured kneeling on a snowy city rooftop while a snowman and Christmas lights twinkle in the background.

The project will include a brand new recording of “All I Want for Christmas Is You,” plus traditional yuletide fare such as “The First Noel,” “Little Drummer Boy,” “O Little Town of Bethlehem,” and “O Come All Ye Faithful.” In addition, there are four original songs composed by Mariah, including the new single “Oh Santa.”

Randy Jackson, Jermaine Dupri, James Poyser (The Roots, Lauryn Hill), and award-winning composer Marc Shaiman are among the producers.

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  1. Alex

    the cover looks cheap…


  2. Hold up!



  3. Hold up!

    Yawns… MC has had her time. Retirement is a strong suggestion.


  4. From Tokyo

    Since she just posed in the outfit and everything else was added later they could have picked a better background. But she still looks cute.


  5. ooooo

    please change the cover :(((


  6. JDollar

    OMG!!!! I can’t wait for the new single to drop. This is going to be EPIC!


  7. LOL

    Obvious extensive photoshop use is obviously extensive.


  8. Dwayne

    can’t wait for this new holiday album, I love hearing her voice on gospel type tracks where the production is minimal, she still has the best voice in the game


  9. jusss

    this is so fkn photoshopped


  10. Star Sapphire

    Dude, that cover is soooo photoshoped, it looks cheap as hell, and I know for a *FACT* Mariah is NOT GONNA FIT INTO THAT OUTFIT FROM 1994………. LOL She got waay to much bootie and Bootie to pull that off! (I have seen her in person) MiMi Most Def has tilted over to the plus size! she still Rockin though!!!!!!!!!!!!


  11. ponyo

    i don’t like this cover one bit …i hope this is not true


  12. I'm Me Honey

    It looks like a mixtape cover for a local artist…


  13. Deangelo R.

    This album WILL be a win. Why does everyone always have to hate? Probably more than half the people hating probably like the song “All I want for Christmas” haha


  14. musician

    that is the worst cover art i’ve ever seen. mariah is too famous to have cheap album covers like this. memoirs looked awful too. get it together island def jam.


  15. Ankka

    looks like a Photoshop nightmare!!


  16. bass_man

    campy as hell.


  17. musician

    i love mariah, she is an amazing singer/songwriter but she desperately needs a young/gifted creative director


  18. Charmaine Bryan

    I love what Mariah Carey-Cannon is doing. Mariah Carey girlfriend please continue keep the Christmas Spirit alive and I hope this Album will be the best Album ever produced.


  19. Khalil The Arabic Warrior

    She looks pregnant is she ????????


  20. Cat

    She had this photo taken months ago – it said so on her website. And yes I agree, how dare they give Mariah such a tacky album cover!!! She is legendary status, but this looks like something for some kindergarten nativity play.

    I’m still buying it, but just saying…


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  22. DAVIDF



  23. sooyoong

    the cover looks so …. (*roll eyes*)

    and that is not mariah in the cover, that is mariah way back 90′s. the past/old mariah.

    why they not use the present picture of mariah? bcoz mariah is really big now? fat?

    that other people will say:
    “oh this album cover is perfect! mariah is Mrs. Claus!”

    please change this cover. it’s so UGH..!!!


  24. Chase

    Who the eff are they kidding w/that cover? She ain’t been that thin EVER!!! She must employ a team of photoshoppers around the clock. That looks SO cheap and ghetto. And it looks like she ’bout to be bu&&fuc*ed by that snowman!!! She just seems desperate to me now. Tryin to relive past successes. I bet Susan Boyle X-Mas CD, releasing one week later, will DESTROY hers.


  25. The Songbird

    No people. This picture is from a photoshoot by David LaChapelle in April 2010, not the 1990s. I mean you can tell between 90s Mariah and now Mariah.

    The album cover could’ve been much better of course. But don’t be hatin Mariah for it. The photographer is David LaChapelle and I hope she NEVER works with him again!!! And to the Chase person above, hell yeah she’s been skinny before (many times). But she was real skinny 1990-92 and late-2008.


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  28. Valerie

    I love MC, I can’t wait for her new Christmas album!!!


  29. fran

    well you people must know how to make a cd cover propetly as you almost rekon that this one is a shit, you may thing mariah album producers and merchandaicing roducer dont know how to do their jobs propetly and mariah itself is an stupid girl.

    well sorry peple she has sell more million of cds than no other artis a live. so just close your mouth and learn to criticed with a contain.

    fran from spain ( sorry about my spellings mistakes)


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