‘SNL’ Welcomes Back Kanye West

Kanye West

Kanye West may have fired shots at “Saturday Night Live” and the whole cast on his single “POWER,” but they don’t seem to have hard feelings. In fact, ‘Ye has been tapped as the musical guest for the second episode of the new season.

The outspoken rapper will return to 30 Rockefeller Center on Oct. 2 for his fourth appearance, performing material from his fifth studio album, while “Breaking Bad’s” Bryan Cranston hosts.

Yeezy has guested on the show several times before, most notably flubbing the lyrics on his 2007 performance of “Champion” and “Everything I Am,” and mocking his awards show outbursts in a sketch.

Hitmaker Bruno Mars is scheduled to follow Kanye’s performance on the Oct. 9 episode, while Katy Perry will be the musical guest with host Amy Poehler on the Sept. 25 season premiere.

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  1. Derek

    Whos hosting?!


  2. WhatTheF

    F SNL and the whole cast!


  3. Yeezy

    @ Derek, If you read the article, it says who’s hosting.


  4. Derek

    No it doesn’t say who’s hosting. It says that Amy Poehler is hosting the week before, whilst Bruno Mars is performing the week after.


  5. Derek

    Oh nevermind… It’s Bryan Cranston.. never heard of him.. Remember when we were all kids and SNL had good hosts/writers?


  6. John

    THIS NIGGA HAS ALL THE POWER IN THE WORLD LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! OMG THIS IS JUST TOO FUNNY. Ok, so lets rewind back too 2007 where Kanye roasted the VMA’s calling them ‘racist’ and ‘assholes’ who know nothing about music, what happened the next year? HE CLOSED THE SHOW LMAOO. Iight..Than comes the 2009 VMA’s, Ye grabs the mic from the highest selling artist of that year (also America’s sweetheart) and tells her Beyonce’s video was better…We wait a whole year what happens? Taylor writes a song about forgiving Kanye and KANYE ENDS THE SHOW AGAIN LMAOLMAOLMAO!!! And now, after saying “Fuck SNL and the whole cast, tell em’ Yeezy said they can kiss my whoole ass” THIS NIGGA FINNA PERFORM ON SNL TOO LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL. THIS NIGGA RUNS THE MUSIC INDUSTRY YO WTFF. He can do whatever tha fuck he wants, Mr. Kanye West. Damn son, Kanye >>>>>>>>>


  7. bass_man

    lol @John


  8. Phoenix_Wright

    lmaooo @ john

    so true!!


  9. JhuntdaProdigy

    I saw this coming actually


  10. YoYo


    Def Jam spent 3 mil on Kanyes promo, thats the highest spent on a single albumin a long time….”power” isnt charting too well either. Kanye West is a asset to the label, its called a paycheck. He is essentially their puppet, sorry to ruin ur party though… *kanye shrug*


  11. KT

    @JhuntdaProdigy, damn u saw it coming, you must be able to see the future or something!!!!!! Next time use it for something more useful u deadbeat


  12. Trak0202

    @KT I actually saw this coming too around my 3rd time listening to the “Power” track. Lol kayne loves the media, kinda like a hip hop lady gaga. haha


  13. John

    Lol wow, u guys couldnt tell i was being sarcastic….o…k…….


  14. Myroomisdirty

    Kanye is a gigantic freemason member.


  15. Nait Phoenix

    I don’t know. Kanye probably won’t be the bridge that leads me back to SNL. I stopped watching that show after the election was over and all the good sketches were used.


  16. John

    Whoever that other ‘John’ dude is who said I was being sarcastic is pretty lame lmao. Don’t be mad dogss, I ain’t even a big Kanye fan, but sometimes you sit back and think…”Damn…This nigga has POWER”


    What you talkin’ bout. This nigga still does whatever the fuck he wants, the fact that after all the bs he still gest 3 mill promotion is great


  17. Yoyo


    the whole VMA fiasco lookedd SOOOO staged to me. beyonces “Omg” face wasnt convincing at all. at the least he could have said something of importance to the world. He strikes me as a complete phoney now, i admit i was a HUGE fan during the college droupout/Late registration phase. Now I cant even really relate to the music. I guess JCole will have to take that spot.


  18. mr

    j.cole can never take kanye’s spot there will only be one kanye west.he is too dope. J.cole nice but he aint better than ye sorry…wait im not sorry its the truth!


  19. John

    Ay Yoyo, that’s cool homie. I ain’t no stan here trying too say “YOU GOTTA LOVE KANYE”. Naw fuck that shit. Like I said even I myself ain’t a big Kanye fan, but I was just sitting here laughing at this piece of news. I was already starting too be like damn after the VMA’s, but than this news, it’s like yo if any nigga deserves too make that “Power” song, it’s Kanye. I don’t give a fuck if anyone likes him or not, the nigga has POWER, and I respect that. I don’t think he’s phony at all yo, this nigga strikes me as one of the last real niggas in the mainstream. His music has never been good enough for me too buy his albums (personal thing, can’t vibe too anything that’s not straight Hip-Hop) but I think I’mma pay attention. That Power joint is dope and this dude is just killing shit right now. I dunno. But J.Cole is a mother fucking monster, no fucking doubt. Probably the only rap CD I’ll buy this year will be his debut (if it releases this year).


  20. Stephon

    Power was #22 on Billboard’s hot 100 and then stayed in the mid 50/60′s for about a month and a half before falling to the 70′s. Any song that’s on Billboard’s Hot 100 isn’t a flop and people tend to forget….Kanye’s first singles don’t usually do too well. His second singles are the ones that usually chart well.

    With the exception of “Through The Wire,” let’s go through all of his first/second singles from his albums:

    Late Registration: 1)Diamonds 2) Gold Digger
    Graduation: 1) Can’t Tell Me Nothing 2) Stronger
    808′s & Heartbreak: 1) Love Lockdown 2) Heartless (while Love Lockdown did well, it didn’t do nearly as well as heartless).

    All of his second singles have been the true hits…I think we’ll know whether or not the public is back on Kanye’s side when we see how the second single off this upcoming album charts. Anything until then is all speculation.


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