Album Cover: Jazmine Sullivan – ‘Love Me Back’

Love Me Back

She’s been known to bust the windows out the car, but Jazmine Sullivan puts down the crowbar on the cover of her sophomore album Love Me Back. The fragile songstress, dressed in all black, leans against an old-school Chevy Impala in the artwork from the November 2nd release, which contains the Missy Elliott-produced single “Holding You Down (Goin’ in Circles).”

“I was a little angry on the first album, busting windows and things,” said the 23-year-old Sullivan. “I’m not quite as angry on this one. You see a different side of relationships, the more loving side.”

Do you love Jazmine’s new album cover? Let us know below!

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  1. VaunTV



  2. Lild9

    Is there a release date yet?


  3. boom.BOOM.P0W

    The release date is 11/2.


  4. Kyle

    I love it. I’m glad they didn’t make this cover cartoonish looking like they did for “Fearless.” She looks elegant and classy. I will be buying this on November 2nd.


  5. GeeGee

    The cover art looks slick, and would love it more if it had a change of font.


  6. Nait Phoenix

    She looks very beautiful. This cover is simple and I love it more because of the classic look, the elegant font & the touch of chronological accuracy with the car.


  7. bass_man

    I really love it. It draws me in..if this was on the shelf surrounded by all the other cd’s, it would still grab me.


  8. yeahMAN

    I’M BUYING THIS!!!!!!!! holding you down is my jam!


  9. MuzikJUNKY



  10. Keith

    It’s okay…but she could do something better than this cover….you wanna make Ur album cover look like it’s worth buying!


  11. 20

    @Keith Shut the fuck up

    I hate ppl who never have anything positive to say, if you didn’t like the cover why comment you Jackass

    Nice Cover


  12. Will

    This cover has CLASSIC written all over it. People slept on Fearless so hard that album should have been what Songs In a Minor was for alicia keys. I hope this album gets the recognition it deserves.


  13. listen

    i’ve gotten a sneak peak — this album is FIRE (and unlike some artists, she actually WRITES her own music)! she’s one of a small few new r&b singers keeping black music alive! go Jaz!!!


  14. Darnelll

    I don’t think that’s her body. It appears that her head was photoshopped on the body. Jazmine Sullivan’s body type is much different than that one. Maybe I’m wrong, but I think this may be a ploy by the record company to have the stereotypical skinny girl look attached to her. I think the concept and execution is great, but I would be willing to bet that is not Jazmine Sullivan’s body on that cover.


  15. LaMont

    Damn she looks good!


  16. Cameron

    I have to agree with @bass_man! He hit it right on the nail! I’m an artist myself so I know how a cover should look when it comes to eye appeal! Team J.Sullivan, GREAT JOB! I’ll be purchasing this when it comes out!


  17. Taybee(Ranoey)

    @darnell Black makes you look skinner, and plus she has lost weight.


  18. Nait Phoenix

    uh, do people not believe in girdles anymore or, possibly, weight loss?


  19. WhatTheF

    Eww. Close your mouth girl…


  20. Rachel

    I’m lovin’ the album cover. Cool outfit.


  21. jamakl

    very interesting…


  22. Paulie DeStar

    I wouldn’t need an album cover to buy this, it could have nothing at all on the cover and I’d still buy it! I LOVE Jazmine and I still religiously play ‘Fearless’ as she is FAMAZING both vocally, style, song writing skills the lot! Jazmine’s fierce, her musics fierce and this album is going to be off the hook! I seriously cannot wait to purchase it! But just to add to peoples comments about the way it looks, since when did an album cover art effect the music? So what she’s got her mouth open and that she is not some anorexic foetus, will you not buy this for them reason? People STOP being shallow and appreciate the GREATNESS of JAZMINE SULLIVAN!


  23. claudia

    What kind of car is that? I love the CD?


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