New Music: Diddy f/ Lil Wayne & Justin Timberlake – ‘Shades’


Diddy, Lil Wayne, and Justin Timberlake rock sunglasses at night on “Shades,” the latest leak from his oft-delayed album Last Train to Paris. Formerly released with tags, this version sees the Bad Boy mogul switching roles with J.T., with Puff singing through Auto-Tune and the former *NSYNC-er spitting a hushed rap verse. Check the dark, electronic club tune below, and look for the Train‘s arrival this December.

Download: Diddy f/ Lil Wayne & Justin Timberlake – “Shades” [Untagged]

Audio via Nah Right

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  1. Will

    Last Train To paris comes out in December now wtf. #EpicFail


  2. courtney

    i guess justin timberlake is never comin out with music again


  3. Ankka

    “Flop to Paris” by Flop Daddy coming December 2019!


  4. David

    This joint is hot. Justin Timberlake killed it.


  5. 250 MG



  6. Dirrty Toni

    am I the only one who is really exciting for the album? I really liked all the tracks so far. Well,…Diddy: Just send it to my mail, if I’m the only one interested. ;) I really think it is amazing.


  7. Dante

    @Dirrty Toni

    no you not the only one. I haven’t been disappointed with one song yet. Angels was fire and just puts in a trance. Love Come Down was mostly Dawn and Kalenna with a crazy beat. Of course Hello Good Morning was just pure EPICness. Loving You No More is such a smooth R&B record, and Dawn’s vocals are amazing on it. EVERY track has been something different. And so is this one.

    This song is more of the non-commercial sound that I came to expect from LTTP. This sound is really great and the unorthodoxity of the record is crazy. Got me using big ass words. lol. I wish this album would hurry up and come out.


  8. JhuntdaProdigy

    Angels, Hello Good Morning, & Loving You No More were all pretty good in my opinion. But this album is either

    A. Never Coming Out

    B. Will come out and sell horribly.


  9. Goon

    Noooo… Diddy is so fake.


  10. Muffin

    Surprisingly Justin Timberlake is d only one that made this song good!JT rocks! He needs a new albm!!!


  11. Haze

    omg this really is awful


  12. Sweetnam

    Ever since Diddy created Dirrty-Money with those two girls his music has been pretty lame and and wack lately.

    The only decent song he came out with is that 1000 stacks song with Nelly and Biggie!


  13. JD

    He pushed it back AGAIN?


  14. Bijan

    im def buying this album!


  15. John

    god this sucks really really bad


  16. awesome

    this is awesome flop or no flop diddy still have more money then anyone else and thats all that matters



    Great Track, Go Home People Who Don’t Like It.


  18. stargate

    produced by The Y’s


  19. dwayne hurst

    n hirsch a girl get jump on today n the lunch room 6 per


  20. mouth

    You need a welcome back from the ICON of ours you ISHED on before i can clap for YOU…


  21. weirdo

    I doubt Justin Timberlake will b coming out with a album anytime soon…He is trying 2 b sum bigshot actor/producer rite now…like he is ever gunna win a oscar.


  22. bass_man

    gosh, i’ve loved all the songs on this forsaken album. why.


  23. bass_man

    the Y’s never disappoint though.


  24. mikel

    i love lil wayne very nice there songs


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