New Music: Lil Wayne f/ Drake – ‘Gonorrhea’

Drake and Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne and Drake link up for the humorously titled “Gonorrhea,” the first track off Weezy’s album I Am Not a Human Being, dropping online Monday. Rapping over sparse, popping instrumentation, the Young Money MCs take turns burning fake rappers, with Wayne chanting on the chorus, “I wouldn’t want to be ya, pussy ass ni**a, I don’t want your gonorrhea.” Proceed with caution.

Download: Lil Wayne f/ Drake – “Gonorrhea” [Tagged]

Audio via UHTN

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  1. smileycarrot4



  2. Pretty1908

    honestly both need to somewhere and sit down. weezy trying to be like diddy back in his hay day, but at least diddy did with maturity and a tad bit of class… and drake probably gon somewhere and start crying if someone disses him . #kanyeshrug


  3. Daire

    Lil Wayne & Drake havent got 1 bad song when they work togheter


  4. EDrizzle

    @Pretty1908 get off that haterade. lil wayne and diddy are nowhere near the same. name one similiarity cept they both niggas. smh at you trynna sound like summin


  5. sumshit

    pretty1908 learn a little bit about music and then get back to me… LOL @ weezy tryna be like diddy..your offfffff


  6. brown weezy

    hot hot song free weezy


  7. A Realist

    It’s good. Nice work Weezy. Cant wait for this albummmmmmm!


  8. gary

    great song !!! :)

    I Am Not A Human Being Sept.27.10 !!!
    Buy that album :)


  9. King$am

    love it man. this song right here is dope


  10. johnathan

    This song is straight fire !!!!!!!!!
    if this album is hot like this than wow


  11. @nandamedeiros_

    so much better than Right Above It!


  12. JhuntdaProdigy

    This is dope, they both kilt it!!! Definitely copping I Am Not A Human Being. And C4 is gonna be insane next year!!! Wayne ain’t been in my “top 5 right now” list for a moment, he heading back to it though!


  13. Pretty1908

    *flips hair & picks up book* dont have any reason to hate im just dont habitually ride the genitals of others sorry.


  14. Pretty1908

    IM ON ACTUALLY !wow how old are you that you have directly insult a stranger via web just because they didnt like a rap song that you didnt produce or write. lighten up please. :)


  15. Cassive Brewster

    I haven’t even listened to this, read the comments and I’m gonna buy the LP/album or whatever it is. Only heard ‘Right Above it’ so far which wasn’t all that, but it’s Wayne at the end of the day, gotta cop. Can’t wait for Tha Carter IV and Dedication 4.


  16. True Blue

    It is SHIT. This is what passes for music these days? Jesus…


  17. ERIC



  18. JustSayin

    This shit go hard #JustSayin


  19. Blues

    “diva in the room she blowing me just like a band horn got her on her knees the same knees that she be prayin on now she just text her girlfriend with a capital YOU CAN JOIN”…..sick


  20. young$$MOVEMENT;

    when i tell you them boys killed that shit! fire. young money mafia. it’s a mula movement. get money or get lost.


  21. Bubble-Gum-Music!!!

    Im sorry,bt hw old r yall??
    Going crazy over a track titled “Gonorrhea”. Pu*** s N*ga I dnt want ur Gon. Like WTF??? This song means nthng. Stupid lyrics. No substance whatso eva. It dnt teach u shit or evn make u feel good.
    Yall need to stop trppng n lstn 2 sum grwn up sht & nt ppl who sing bwt pu*** n money.


  22. Minajsecurity



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