Rap-Up TV: Monica Opens Up About Shannon Brown, Friendship with Brandy

Monica walked down the aisle with Shannon Brown in the video for “Love All Over Me,” but will she be tying the knot with the L.A. Laker champ off-screen? The 29-year-old singer opens up about her relationship with the leading man in her life in part two of Rap-Up TV’s interview. “We’re in the beginning stages, but we’re much further than most because we don’t keep secrets, we have a great time, we share each other’s jobs, and we share each other’s interests,” explains a blushing Mo.

The Grammy winner, who has two sons, expresses the joy of being a mother and housewife (even the vacuuming), and her desire to have more kids. “My sons constantly ask for a brother, specifically,” she says.

And while she admits her relationship with Brandy might have been rocky in the past, “The Boy Is Mine” collaborators are good friends now. Monica will be voting for her on “Dancing with the Stars,” but don’t expect to see Mo doing the cha-cha anytime soon.

Part 1: Monica Talks Trey Songz Duet, Justin Bieber, and Soulja Boy

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  1. @Lovely_815

    She’s glowing! I’m so happy and proud Mo its been a great year for personally and career wise. She’s winning on all accounts right now! I love it! The takeover continues.


  2. Socivol

    Man I love Monica! She’s so down to Earth! So glad she’s experiencing success with her new album.


  3. Hussein

    Love u Monica!


  4. missdiva



  5. MeChelleMaBelle

    I’m so happy for Monica. She’s come so far and her fans have seen the ups and downs every step of the way. She seems like she’s found some real happiness now and I hope it only gets better from here.


  6. SASHA

    She is soo glowing && I love it. So happy for them. All the haters need to fall back


  7. Go mo!

    Who likes Brandy? i don’t.


  8. Brighteyeshazel

    Yes I agree and recognize the treamendous growth that Monica displays. She is in a great place in her life professional as well as personal. So happy she has found happiness with Shannon B. They compliment each other. She has a real genuine spirit and very grounded and humble. She will continue to do great things. God bless you Mo and continuous happiness and success.


  9. Charlie

    I love brandy..who likes you is the question?


  10. Ciara Fan

    wow shes well spoken, i thought she was a dummy but i was wrong. Im glad she left that short stop boy and got with a real man


  11. monicafan

    Ciara Fan, Now how in the hell did u think ths beautiful, classy, articulate woman was a dummy? EVERYTIME this woman opens her mouth to speak or sing she always has something WORTH saying. Its good that u seen you were wrong tho.


  12. bayarea

    lmAOOOO yeah Monica is VERY intellegent!
    and im just soo happy to see things goin
    in the right direction for her. glad she found
    someone who compliments her cuz that otha
    dude was pathetic imo. and i really like brandy &
    mo’s relationship…honestly thats what makes me like bran
    cuz her fans is what turns me off from her completely


  13. #TeamMonica

    Can watch or listen to her all day anyway and definitely not a crazed fan of ANY celeb but 100% just love Monica and always have. Who’s half as real?smh. Definitely think her and shannon are THE cutest and hope that lasts. @Thee_SexyFace,reply if I happen to tweet u again Monica. Lol


  14. #TeamMonica

    Any day* ..ps: I hope she stays current in the r& b game bc maybe all these fake singers will quit with actual singers around. Its becomin very sad. Smh


  15. vom

    i love monica.i have been a fan of hers ever sence she was 13.i am glad that she met a nice men who trets her like a queen thta she is.shes a great mom.hope everthing works out


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