Rihanna Serves Up Teaser for Doritos Late Night Campaign


Feed your late night craving for Rihanna with this teaser for her Doritos campaign. The pop star recorded a dance song called “Who’s That Chick” specifically for the project. The colorful video leaked last week and was pulled from most sites, but the full interactive experience doesn’t launch until Oct. 15 on DoritosLateNight.com. Take a bite of the 60-second snack below.

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  1. yourlove

    she’s not only endorsing doritos this fall but Kodak cameras as well! she also has a book hitting shelves next month, with a new album being released the following month! she just breaked from filming her 200 million dollar Universals Battleship movie and got nominated for 5 EMAS! Only Girl has swept the globe and has become a worldwide dance sensation!

    US #1
    Canada #1
    Australia #1
    New Zealand #1
    Sweden #1
    Norway #1
    Switzerland #3
    Luxembourg #3
    Finland #3
    France #4
    Denmark #6
    Netherlands #7
    Belgium #10
    Spain #14
    Greece #23
    Austria #24
    Italy #34

    With multiple endorsements
    a movie
    a book
    a worldtour
    perfume launch
    and a deal of other things, LOUD is shaping up to be rihannas most successful era of her career.!





  3. Brown Sugar

    Wow! Looks Hot!


  4. bass_man

    she seems really focused on making herself an icon. she just needs to sell more albums..


  5. Joyams

    Oh yeah selling doritos is definitely going to make her a diva and an icon.


  6. RihFTW

    @Joyams I love me some Rihanna but @Joyams comment was gun funny #rihannanavy


  7. Giamma

    That Rihanna reign just won’t let up!


  8. saturn

    @PRESSED?…i feel you…da haters try to say anything these days


  9. Meme

    by far the best lookin girl in show bizz. who gives a f if she cant sing. She makes up for it in her song choices and looks. love u riri


  10. bab boy

    yooow. Dah picture yah wicked dah picture yah mad. Dah picture yah sell off. Me love it


  11. From Tokyo

    This picture makes me think of the Adam Lambert album cover, though. But she still looks nice.

    Dang, I miss Doritos!!!


  12. risguy

    @rihFTW im with ya and joyams for sure! I love my Ri to death but I think this doritos shiz is just redic. Like she is this fashion icon and sells so many albums and is always billboard #1 yet she doin this? and Whos that chick suckkks for Riri. Autotuned the shiz outta it even though its produced by guetta


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  14. Halei

    yes it is and its yes it is and its my first single off my new EP Songwriter & Producer’ and I’ll send you a link where you can dooanwld my first single What I Want (International Woman) and check out my other videos by searching Tino Production


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