Pharrell Thinks Obama Is Cooler Than Jay-Z

Obama and Pharrell

Jay-Z might be one of the coolest cats on the planet, but longtime collaborator Pharrell thinks that presidential swagger has one-up on the hip-hop icon. In a new interview, the N.E.R.D. frontman, who took a trip to the White House this past May, spoke on how running a country makes you king of the cool kids.

“Yeah, he’s cool as shit. I don’t know who’s cooler, him or Jay,” the super-producer told Rollacoaster magazine, later giving the edge to the Commander-in-Chief. “Yeah, they’re both cool. Obama might be a little bit cooler. Sorry Jay.”

Skateboard P also extended the cool branch to Janelle Monáe, with whom he toured as openers this past summer for Erykah Badu. “I like Janelle Monáe,” he exclaimed. “She’s a genius. She’s incredible.”

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  1. bass_man

    they’re all pretty amazing, but obama takes the cake and the bakery. sorry.


  2. Cameraman

    Question: How will you react if Obama loses in 2012? (According to the recent polls, that might very well happen)


  3. kani k.

    loses to whom?…

    the rest than obama looks even messier.


  4. Tavo_RocZ

    Obama’s better than Bush that’s for sure, I don’t think Sarah Palin or whoever can do better than him.


  5. stellar2

    all Obama has done is make friends with celebrities, when is going to get started on fixing this countries economy, who cares if he hangs with rappers.


  6. Cameraman

    FINALLY SOMEBODY GETS IT! He hangs out with one class of rappers, while at the same time jacks up taxes for the other class (the IRS never went after any rappers under Bush).

    @All the rest
    Last I checked, Obama’s approval rating was only at 41%. That Tea Party movement’s been gaining power, and in most races this November, the Republicans are expected to win. If I were him, I’d be nervous…


  7. Goon

    He compares a rapper to the President??


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