Rap-Up TV: Monica Talks Whitney Houston, Nicki Minaj, and New Album

Those who saw Monica on tour with Trey Songz witnessed her paying homage to her idol Whitney Houston with powerful performances of “You Give Good Love” and “I Have Nothing.” If you missed it, we’ve got you covered. In the final part of our chat with Mo, she reveals the impact Whitney has had on her and how she was a shoulder to lean on in hard times. “I just looked up and there she was, almost like some heavenly being,” she tells Rap-Up TV.

And it looks like Nicki Minaj has another fan in Monica. “I love Nicki Minaj. I rock with her,” she says. “She’s a beautiful girl. She’s comfortable with trying different things. She knows how to spit it direct like the men too, so she can compete with the best of ‘em.”

Despite juggling motherhood and still promoting her current album Still Standing, Mo is already back in the studio working on her new project, which she hopes to release by next summer. She’s recording in Los Angeles with her cousin Polow Da Don, who will be executive producing the effort.

Plus, find out which fall album release she’s looking forward to most. Here’s a hint: It’s one of her fellow ATLiens!

Part 2: Monica Opens Up About Shannon Brown, Friendship with Brandy

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  2. missdiva

    Gotta love mo she’s a real chick in the industry…plus she’s an even amazing vocalist!


  3. Stacy

    Ciara! Uh huh ……..!


  4. jarvis

    Why does rap-up always have to wonder what EVERY artist thinks about nicki minaj whenever there is an interview?…i mean really, you guys can’t be more creative than that?


  5. JD

    cosign @jarvis
    They have to ask about 20 people what they think of her. Anyway I love Monica’s realness, she’s so 100! Ciara hoe!


  6. laurie

    I’m glad Mo is doing well with this album. Love that she constantly shouts out Whitney, 2 great vocalists. Can’t wait to see if she is going to star in Getting To Happy movie.


  7. trevor

    Wow! Monica sure isn’t sleeping on her renewed success! New album next year and I can’t blame her. Most of these artists now are churning out albums within a year of their last one. I appreciate her shouting out and tributing Whitney Houston. This has caused me to research her and youtube her performances and I’m blown away. What a singer and voice! I see why Mo is so in awe. I copped both albums from Mo and Whitney Houston and I like all two. Difference voices but real r and b music never the less.


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  9. Carmen

    Did anyone listen to the interview. lol they didnt ask her Monica personally about Nicki minaj, she said it on her own. Why do people want to downgrade everything having to do with Nicki. I agree with everything Monica said. I love monica.


  10. bass_man

    I love Monica


  11. Jay Jay

    I love Monica but she’s only 29, i feel like her look is to mature for her age


  12. Brighteyeshazel

    What a remarkable women. Yes that’s what u do, up and coming new artist. You show respect and homage to the people that paved the way for you. James 4:6 God resists the proud, but gives grace to the humble. I love this women. She’s very smart, wise, humble, strong, a survivor. She articulate very well. She should do moves, maybe venture out in a talk show, motivational speaking. The sky’s the limit for this women. Great interview Mo all 3 parts. HATERS keep hating, she continue while to excell.


  13. Nikkifire

    Many might overlook what has been an industry secret regarding Monica for years; she is a lipstick lesbian like me. Her wanting “to rock” with Nicki is code for reaching out to for a connection beyond that of a professinal interest. It’s so interesting, but Monica’s forthright nature reminds me so much of myself.


  14. MJM

    I think Monica is great. With all that talking about people being strong etc why didn’t she say one encouraging word about El Debarge’s comeback. So many people love him and want his comeback to be a success. If the other singers are happy for him then mention how great it is that he has cleaned himself up. Everyone is talking about his voice being better than it was. Give him some love.


  15. Toni Sea

    She’s such an eloquent …smart..thought provoking chick!! Love her..She’s talented..beautiful…Awesome..and can hold her own in an interview!! Go girl!!


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