Lupe Fiasco Fans Plot Protest If ‘Lasers’ Doesn’t Get Release Date

Lupe Fiasco

Fans want Lupe Fiasco’s oft-delayed third album Lasers, and damned if they don’t get it. The Chicago rapper’s biggest supporters plan on protesting outside of his label Atlantic Records in New York City on what they call “Fiasco Friday” where, if a release date isn’t announced by the rally date of October 15, the troops will assemble and picket the building.

But the biggest news comes that Lupe himself may be in attendance to support his own fans, taking to his Twitter account to confirm his involvement in the movement. “#FiascoFriday huh?!?…well if y’all there…I guess I gotta be there too! Ha! Leggo!,” tweeted Lupe.

After he announced that the album was completed and handed over to the label in 2009, fans grew impatient and began brainstorming how to get what they felt their idol deserved. A few members of the Kanye Live forum planted the seeds of the original idea, forming a Facebook group that went on to gain more than 500 members.

“This protest represents the angered Lupe Fiasco fans who want the new Lasers material, the rebellious youth resistant of big corporations now controlling music, hip-hop fans who are fed up with senseless music and lack of meaning, politically active and socially relevant people, music fans looking for diversity, and average people looking for an artist to relate with,” wrote the organizers. “This message, and the music of Lupe Fiasco, will not be stopped.”

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  1. mike

    LMAO @ 500 fans on Facebook, like that was going to make the label release the damn album


  2. JD

    Is it really that serious? dont they listen to anyone else besides lupe to tide them over until they announce something…betty white got 500,000 ppl to get her on snl its gonna take more than 500 for this


  3. Nait Phoenix

    Every protest has to start somewhere. I think this is very noble for the fans to try.


  4. Phoenix_Wright

    Maybe they just started, they could at least rack 20,000 if they tried in a month or two.

    I don’t know Lupe’s selling history, but he had 2 big songs already so he is known.


  5. ...

    They just started to organize this a few days ago. The numbers will grow just like the petition did.


  6. Roger

    If I didn’t have a job id drive up to new york and join them, between waiting for Kid Cudi’s new Album coming out in October and Lupe’s album coming out god knows when… I want some new music already im not tired of listening to there oldies but I been waiting for what feels like forever for it to come out.


  7. blue moon

    i like lupe’s music, and this isnt meant to be an insult, but is pple even checkin for lupe anymore??? #justsayin


  8. Asa

    ima lupe fan but honestly has it really come to that point where people are gonna protest outside the ATLANTIC RECORDS building just for lasers to drop. they acting like lupe’s album is the only album thats been held back for long. at the end of the day its still the labels decision to do the release. so unless lupe can somehow manage to drop his atlantic records contract and somehow drop lasers on another label. then until food & liqour 2 comes out they’re SOL.

    but i do respect them for doing what they’ve been doing.


  9. WhatTheF

    Wow. I gotta give them props! Maybe the Kelly Flopland and C-Error stans could learn a thing or 2 from them…


  10. JD

    @what the f
    both kelly rowland and ciara have sold more than lupe you must have failed 1st grade since you dont know your numbers


  11. David

    About time we the fans own the music business not the other way around this is a long time and only the beginning if the music business don’t start listening to us. This is what we got to do to get real rap or any other type of music out and appericated then so be it.


  12. yuckface

    Stop hating 500 fans mean something those are people who believe. I bet the people hating on lupe could get a dog or a stray cat to be a fan lol


  13. yuckface

    Lupe haters probaly work at fast food restaurants. Its so sad that lupe fiasco who fights for ending racism respecting women defacing hitler fighting for human rights and isnt doing drugs or sleeping with god knows who is being laughed at. But t.i. And gucci boosie etc. who are in and out of prison on drugs and really wouldnt care about human rights get praised why am i not shocked


  14. dat dude

    i wonder how many other rappers can get their fans to protest like this


  15. Macarons

    We Are Lasers…

    I don’t think this protest will make Atlantic release Lasers…What they want is money. Fans’ anger? They don’t give a damn about it…


  16. mh

    @blue moon THATS WAT IM SAYIN THO! It is never that serious just for some lupe fiaskahoe! People need to chill! Not like its gonna sell more then weezy or jay-z ANYWAYS! #justsayin


  17. From Tokyo

    Right on, David and yuckface! People who have hate in their heart will never understand positivity. They probably “support” their favorite artists by downloading their “work” for free and tearing down other artists. The “just sayin” excuse doesn’t wash. If you don’t care about the artist then why criticize the efforts/support of those who do?


  18. Daire

    Hope this will finaly get released coz lupe has always made good music,Atlantic Records ar a digrace and Lupe should be aloud out of his contract with them 4 the way there treatin him


  19. trippin456

    i think its right for fans to protest…its a disgrace that a record label cant sort out release date on time…atlantic records its probably one of the worst when it comes down to pushing albums back…including diddy, flo rida, missy elliott and t.i all have been pushed back near to end of the year to produce better profit for the company…


  20. WhatTheF


    Who said anything about sales? You clearly haven’t even reached the 1st grade yet. I’m talking about album pushbacks. Isn’t that what this thread is about? Or did you not realize that.



  21. Alex

    @mh it’s not like it’s gonna sell as much as lil Wayne and jay z because they’re lil punk ass mainstream artists that think they are gods and put others down. That’s exactly what type of music the illuminati want to be popular. I bet illuminati is giving money to atlantic records to keep lasers for as long as they can so lupe’s career will die down before he can spread anymore positive messages through his music. So that way less people will hear the positivity.


  22. angel

    Lupe fans are fans cus they can feel what lupe saying he drops realness and is only listened by people that can understand his creativity which is beyond any other mainstream rapper that’s why we LASERS are truly hardcore lupe fans he ain’t a rapper he a philospher lil wayne fans are all just followers trying to fit in the mainstream by listening to garbage! We have respect for the man cus he don’t sell out! The record label needs to realise that and release this album so the haters can go away alredy


  23. Hipkeez

    This is gonna put all them record labels on the spotlight. On how they refuse to promote talent and prefer to focus on alienating the general population with garbage. And it can’t be ’cause of the money ’cause Lupe is the type of artist that people will actually buy the album and not download it, ’cause of the support of the fans and the quality of the music. So I donno what their problem is.


  24. KDJ

    1) KLIVE GETS IT DONE!!! (I didn’t come up with the idea, but I was in the conversation with the ppl who didso I just witnessed the start of what could be potentially historic!!!)

    2) Alex, your paranoid if you believe in the illuminati. I don’t believe in it, but if IU know one thing, conspriacy theorist are now targeting/tagging Lupe as apart of illuminati. If that’s true why would they hold back 1 of there own? They see how much attraction and power Lupe has with such a strong fanbase, they would rush to release it. Oh, and if Illuminati did exist, Lil Wayne wouldn’t be apart of it, he would be Birdman’s sacrifice/offering or whatever…

    3) Lupe fanbase is one of the most loyal, strong, influential, and down right impressive in the entire ap game. No, the entire music world! Atlantic are fools for not releasing this album during times of protest when the previous is more obvious. The sales would be crazy! Plus the fact that there is little chance of leakage since the album has been shelved, atlantic records is run by fools and donkeys.


  25. niknak

    So called “fans” or even “stans” should take note — if petitions and picketing are the only ways you can fight a label, then why not? at least you can say you tried — i hope this gets some exposure.


  26. Lyrical Surgeon

    Lupe Fiasco…

    “….we think it is amazing how Lupe is Malcolm X Reborn and versus giving speeches he is giving verses – do you agree?”……

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