Mariah Carey Gets Hot for the Holidays

Mariah Carey

All is merry and bright for Mariah Carey, who sparkles in a red silk robe in this new promo photo that was shot for her latest collection of holiday tunes, Merry Christmas II You. In the image, captured by photographer David LaChapelle last spring, the festive diva holds her dog ChaCha while standing in front of a lit-up Christmas tree.

The follow-up to her now-classic holiday album Merry Christmas comes down the chimney on November 2, while the first single “Oh Santa” is scheduled to hit iTunes on October 12. Meanwhile, Mimi will return to the stage for a concert in Singapore on Sunday.

Source: MariahDailyJournal

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  1. Baron

    At what point does “thick” or “curvy” become “fat?”


  2. WhatTheF



  3. mike

    photoshop but she looks stunning thanks to it, so i dont mind


  4. DRB

    She hasn’t been that small since late summer/early fall of 2008. That seriously looks like multiple pictures put together.


  5. diego

    we all know she’s pregnant..please stop with the hating

    leave her alone haters pick your nose or something


  6. MG

    This is one shady post :))


  7. Candice

    ^ Shady??? what are you smoking?


  8. MCMC

    Mariah and her jack russell terrier are so cute.


  9. Willie Billie

    You people do realize that these photos were taken earlier this year ………….. right ?
    Stop bashing Mariah for her looks, and look at yourselves. Cuz at the end of the day,Mariah is happy with herself and her money. Good luck filling your own holiday wish lists lol.


  10. Candy Bling

    Beautiful pic really captures the mood of Christmas.


  11. fran

    no, we do not know that she is pregnant. That photo is photoshopped and she hasn’t been that size since 2008 is correct. Look at her latest pics at lAX yesterday where she is HUGE wiht no tummy.



  12. Chris

    People if ya gonna talk crap make sure u get the facts straight. She took this pictures earlier this year. Like in march. She was way skinner then


  13. davidf



  14. tahoegeminii

    The photo is from last spring-a year and a half ago-and the 30 lbs she gained could be photoshopped-now she is at least up 60-80 lbs-and maybe more that she is not doing some extravagant self absorbed all about her photo shoot for her new album says it all-Mariah has always been in love with looking a pictures of herself since she was born and has never missed a photo opp until a year ago when she finally realized her lifestyle had made her as big as a house and she saw all the embarrassing photos of her looking like a hippo in prom dresses and doing her little sexy gestures that look disgusting on a fat woman and now it seems we get some rehash soundtracks and a old photo so Mariah can make money on who she used to be before her self absorbed diva lifestyle and attitude made her into a 300 lb flab blob that acts like a slow 12 year old in love with unicorns and glitter and thinks she is cute and sexy when she acts 12-can you say arrested development? try and find any photos less than 3 months old right now -she is hiding out for sure-what’s wrong Mariah -can’t stand fame if you can’t be the spoiled princess getting ALL the attention -watch out Nick you can bet another psychotic meltdown is coming -we all have seen what happens when Mariah doesn’t get her way-or everyone isn’t telling her how pretty she is all the time-the same reason she wants to get married every year on her anniversary-it’s all about her-HER special one in a lifetime fairy tale day-over and over and over-


  15. Migrator

    There is no Merry Christmas without MC.


  16. veronica

    she is the best, wonderful woman with gold voice


  17. drew

    she is not pregnant, she is just plainly fat.


  18. jarvis


    Dayum do u have a grudge against mariah..cuz u just wrote a whole damn book about her…lol

    But real talk she hasn’t been that skinny since the “daydream” era…

    Preggo or not…she still laughing all the way to the bank.


  19. stop criticizing

    Could you please stop hating???!!!
    You haters really cannot do something in your life but to make other people’s lives miserable by criticizing and putting them down.
    If you were a celebrity, would you post an ugly picture? I believe all of you have a facebook account and i do not believe you will upload your ugliest picture.

    You are all pathetic , HATERS!!!

    Get a life!!!

    Mariah is just singing to make (if not all, at least) most people happy. If you are not one of those then stop. Bring out your favorite singer and brag about whoever he or she is.

    There are so many people out there that are affected by your childish speculations and judgment.

    So what if Mariah gained weight? Does that shorten your life? Does it lessen your money from your bank?

    You are exaggerated!!!

    If you are saying bad against her…you are surely doing this to other who are like her.

    No one is perfect. Mariah is not. So are you. so are we.

    Read the bible and learn to appeciate God’s creation.

    Shame on you!!!


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