Video: Eminem & 50 Cent Punk Lloyd Banks

Lloyd Banks gets pranked by Eminem and 50 Cent backstage at Yankee Stadium during Em and Jay-Z’s joint concert. The G-Unit member is confronted about turning down a verse from Em until he finds out it was all a joke. They then surprise him with a gold plaque for his hit single “Beamer, Benz, or Bentley,” set to appear on his third solo album, H.F.M. 2 (Hunger for More 2) (due Nov. 23).

“Hahahaha yo banks was shook back stage,” tweeted Fifty. “He started thinking of who to blame it on. Lol”

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  1. dayday

    banks still my favorite rapper leave him alone


  2. theresa_keys

    LOL…Lloyd Banks tries to act hard but lol he is scared here …. :D and lol 50 cents hug with Lloyd Banks was girly


  3. JhuntdaProdigy

    Lol, Banks got all scared and ish, it’s all good though, HFM2 is gon’ be crazy!!!


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